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Happy Easter!

Hi everyone. Posting live from Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, where I am protesting outside Easter services. True to form, the denizens of Planet Malm react in different ways, ranging from Kevin Stancil’s “Happy Easter,” to Jean Reed’s telling me to go away, to calling the police, to the childish woman in the photo, Maryland plates,… Read More »

Annual Mythbusting Edition

With Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, now a week away from its annual meeting, it is time for my annual mythbusters post. My goal is to address some of the fallacies that have arisen over the years about the parish. So, here we go. 1. Grace is prudent with its money Not at all. As I have… Read More »

A Day Late, A Dollar Short: Grace Closes Indoor Worship

Weeks into the massive surge in COVID cases, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, has finally closed to indoor worship. As with most things that Grace does, the parish has managed to screw up both the timing and the implementation. In terms of timing, the parish has been ignoring diocesan guidelines for weeks. That includes the diocesan… Read More »