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Coming Soon to a Courtoom Near You: Lawsuit Number Seven

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Behind the scenes, I have been really, really busy lately. So much so that I haven’t even been updating my flagship, Anglican Watch. But being quarantined also leaves me with lots of bandwidth to work on things, even though I feel like refried hell,

BTW, before you good Christians at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, get all excited, don’t get your hopes up. People in my family typically live well into their 90’s, and often past 100. Not to mention that the domain name for this blog is paid in advance for years to come, so if I were to die tomorrow, my blog would continue on for long after I am gone.

That caveat out of the way, I am planning to sue someone closely connected to the parish. With that in mind, I am doing lots of research and making sure I have my ducks in a row before I file. The good news, too, is that there is no way his or her legal costs are covered by the church’s insurance, and I am perfectly happy to spend the next ten years in court. So this may well prove to be a war of attrition, and that is fine by me. In short, Bob’s misconduct is the gift that keeps on giving, and the lawsuits facing the church are, like the pandemic, the new normal for the parish,

Ironically, even if all litigation stopped tomorrow, the underlying issues that gave rise to these lawsuits remain alive and well at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. People at Grace will still think it’s okay to treat each other with disrespect. They’ll still think bullying is okay. They’ll still think Bob Malm was a good priest. And they’ll still be unwilling to examine their own conduct.

Bottom line, Grace Episcopal Alexandria the clergy perjury parish will remain a narcissistic organization.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Sharp Decline in Virtual Attendance Calls Into Question the Survival of the Church

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Most recent

Several local Episcopal parishes are seeing continuing surges in online attendance amidst the COVID-19, with the result that some even say that going online is the best thing that ever happened to them. But Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, is seeing a precipitous decline in online attendance. The news spells trouble for the church and suggests that it is sliding further into existential crisis.

In 2018, the last year for which there were official numbers, average Sunday attendance (ASA) at Grace had declined to 253. That represents a drop from recent years, which typically ran about 315. 

Why does that matter? Because ASA has long been considered a key barometer of church health. Specifically, people may pledge, not pledge, get married, stay single, have children, not have children — all events that touch on the life of the parish — but if they aren’t turning out on Sunday it’s a fair inference that there is nothing drawing them to community.

Of course, in the midst of the pandemic, ASA doesn’t fully apply, and hits on services uploaded to YouTube won’t accrue all on Sunday.

But one would think that virtual attendance would correlate loosely with ASA, perhaps running somewhat lower to account for elderly persons, those of limited income, and others who may not be able to access online services. (For the record, arrangements can and should be made for these folks, whether it’s mailing them bulletins and audio tapes, phone calls, or socially distanced visits.)

So where does Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, stand?

The answer is not good.

Coming into Easter, numbers were looking pretty solid. For example:
  • Lent 5:  382 
  • Palm Sunday: 461
  • Easter: 483
  • Easter 2: 285
In short, hardly a case of people breaking down the virtual doors, but still respectable.

Now, let’s look at recent numbers.
  • Pentecost 3: 139
  • Pentecost 4: 162
  • Pentecost 5: 123
To be fair, attendance historically drops in summer. But these numbers are unprecedented, and they are consistent.

But that’s really damning are the most recent numbers. For example, as of this writing, the July 15 evening prayer service has zero hits. That’s right—not even staff or vestry members bothered to surf by. Similarly, the video about the windows of Grace, which inplicates a big, expensive, and time-consuming project, only scored 114 hits. That is not good. And average virtual attendance is running just 141–a decline of 44.14%!

My hunch is that several factors are at play. One is that perjuring priest Bob Malm, like many narcissists, is a compelling actor/preacher. His voice breaks at all the right places, his inflection creates a sense of urgency, and he is appropriately animated. His Jesus-babble may have had no substance behind it, but it sounded good, even as he was committing perjury and otherwise engaging in misconduct. In other words, Bob would have you conclude that the storefront is the store, and he made sure the facade is Gucci.

Michael Guy, on the other hand, appears sincere, but his delivery is solid, slow, measured. Thus, if you’re looking for the superficial theatrics, you’re going to be disappointed. In other words, Michael would have you ignore the storefront, but step inside, do some shopping, form your own conclusions.

Of course, it is not fair to compare one priest with another, for each brings his own skills to the table. Unfortunately, after 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm, folks at Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, don’t have the spiritual maturity to understand this. 

Second is the fact that Grace remains closed at a time when NVA is reopening. That’s a prudent choice, but it also means that Grace’s online offerings face increased competition. Of course, as the pandemic drags on, people increasingly realize we neither will, nor should, go back to the way we were any time soon.

Third is the fact that Grace continues to stay close to home when it comes to filling positions. Whether it’s pulling in Jason Roberson (he of the infamous “thriving and flourishing” fib), or drawing on Chrissie Crosby to fill the family ministry role, the church is having trouble attracting fresh blood, and with good reason. But at the same time, drinking from the same well over time results in stale water, and the parish really needs to pull in some vibrant new personalities and perspectives. It needs to be willing to turn over a new leaf on every front and to ask the tough questions.

People tell me Bob Malm is gone to try to incentivize me to stop my criticism of the church and its conduct, but the reality is the church itself has done nothing to shift away from its worship of Bob Malm and his feckless years as rector. In just a few years Falls Church went from 115 members to being larger than Grace Church in every respect, while perjuring priest Bob Malm pulled in his 200K a year, played golf, jogged, and spent a month at the beach every summer. All while parish financial records were a shambles, governance a disaster, and the church continued to watch its budget, ASA, and membership shrink.

Fourth is the fact that, as my conflict with the parish drags on, it becomes increasingly clear that the emperor has no cloths. The Lisa Medleys, Sugarland Chiows, David Crosbys, Lisa Gardners and other sycophants and enablers can engage in all the ad hominem attacks they want, but the reality remains unchanged: This is a church where it’s okay for:
  • Clergy to commit perjury.
  • Clergy to lie to their parish and bishop.
  • Members to engage in defamation per se (yes, that would be Kelly Gable),
  • The church to try to drag a dying woman into court in violation of state law, and more. 
And one has only to look to the numerous emails from perjuring priest Bob Malm, the ugly rhetoric from Sugarland Chiow, the utter unwillingness of Bishop Goff to provide adult supervision, and the blithering cluelessness of David Crosby with his whole “two sides to every story,” to realize just what a hot mess Grace Church is. 

I have said it before, and will say it again: There are NOT two sides to every story. 
  • There is no such thing as a good racist, nor are there good people on both sides.
  • There is no excuse for bullying Mike out of the church. 
  • There is no acceptable explanation for clergy perjury. 
  • There is no excuse for defamation per se. 
  • There is no excuse for urging others to commit suicide.
  • There is no excuse for trying to subpoena a dying woman in violation of the law. 
  • There is no acceptable reason for Sugarland Chiow’s courtroom fabrications and ugly rhetoric. 
  • There is no acceptable reason for clergy like David Crosby to make excuses for these behaviors. It’s time for David to grow a pair and say no to misconduct in the parish.
So will David Crosby and other purported parish leaders “man up” and act like Christians? I doubt it.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Sorry, David, there are NOT two sides to every story. And you should not use this line, particularly if someone has been abused in any manner whatsoever. That includes spiritual abuse. In other words, as a priest, you are a clueless dolt.

Meanwhile the church faces the grim reality that most insurance policies don’t cover punitive damages. And with multiple claims for punitive damages lurking, the parish faces the possibility of losing the trust fund, the building and more. Not to mention that, not being incorporated, Grace church offers parishioners no shield from personal liability. That means that if insurance does not cover judgments against the church, individual members could personally be on the hook, including a new rector. (This should not come as a surprise to members. Vestry members have a moral and legal obligation to provide accurate, timely information about governance issues to church members. So if you are hearing about this for the first time from this blog, you should be asking tough questions of the vestry and the diocese. I’d add that I long ago urged Bob Malm to explore setting up a corporate entity for the church. You can see how that turned out. Meanwhile, Kelly Motormouth Gable continues to insist that her claims are truthful. Talk about a great way to tick off both a plaintiff and the courts.)

Nor are parish leaders unaware of the peril facing Grace Church. For example, the discussion about hiring Chrissie until January, when the church will know more about its budget and its new rector, speaks volumes about the current state of affairs. The reality is that the parish may not have the money to have someone in that slot next year, and every indicator suggests that giving will continue to trend down. That trend will accelerate should we see COVID-19 related deaths in the parish.

Meanwhile, there’s one given, which is that the current state of affairs is likely to continue for the indefinite future. And that includes my opposition to abusive, hypocritical conduct at Grace and those who enable it by turning a blind eye.

I am not going away any time soon. I will not be bullied into silence. I will not be bought. Meanwhile, my blog is a few days away from zooming past 200,000 hits—many more hits than the church website garners.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Church surely is in a bad way. And the old joke about any club that would have me as a member isn’t one that I would join holds true: Any priest with the skills to fix Grace Church likely is smart enough to stay away.

Or as one priest, a noted author, canonically resident in DioVA said to me, “You couldn’t pay me enough.”

Friday, July 17, 2020

Splitting: Key to Understanding Grace Episcopal, the Clergy Perjury Parish

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

I recently read Chuck DeGroat’s excellent book, “When Narcissism Comes to Church.” A worthy read, it will help even the casual person-in-the-pew understand the toxic paradigm that is Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. (Candidates for rector: Read this post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

As Chuck says in his book, one of the keys to spotting church narcissism is recognizing the larger psychological construct known as splitting. This does not involve King Solomon’s baby, but rather is the situation in which people — and organizations — compartmentalize and fail to integrate contradictory aspects of their behavior.

For example, someone who engages in splitting may be kind and friendly one minute, yet belligerent and hostile moments later if you express a view different from his. Yet he likely views himself as just kind and friendly, conveniently omitting any reference to his hostile behavior.

Similarly, an organization that engages in splitting may consider itself friendly, inclusive and welcoming, yet engage in relational aggression if, for example, someone orders the wrong flowers for a particular Sunday. Or changes the locks on a door. Or criticizes the rector.

And so it is with Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish. Folks observe bullying by the rector, the altar guild, and the choir, yet fail to integrate these behaviors with the notion that Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. In the case of the rector, folks either deny Bob’s perjury and other misconduct, or simply refuse to deal with it. “Well, he’s a friendly guy, and he married us,” is a familiar refrain. Similarly, Jean Reed and others can babble on about being “servants of Christ,” while turning a blind eye to profoundly un-Christian behavior in the parish. In short, splitting is not only endemic at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. It’s the key to understanding the whole toxic crock of goo.

So how might you spot organizational narcissism at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish? It’s actually easy to see, with the advantage of some distance. Appearing in myriad contexts, it ranges from comments like, “We do everything big,” (referring to the choir loft project), to the whole concept of Grace being the only full-time Anglo-Catholic parish in the diocese, to the fawning over the building. (Of course, even there, one can see splitting. People fawn over the building, while severely under-funding maintenance and repair.) And it is splitting that allows the empty triumphalism you see at Grace, including perjuring priest Bob Malm saying (with no trace of irony), “At Grace, we practice true religion.”

Even when perjuring priest Bob Malm was interviewing for the position of rector, there were signs of organizational narcissism. For example, upon touring the building, Bob allegedly said, “This. This is a sacred place.”

Nice concept, but any place where bullying is okay, clergy engage in perjury with the blessing of the bishop, and try to drag the dying into court in violation of state law is anything but holy, no matter how many Sunday services it holds. In other words, we are seeing splitting, and its equally evil twin, denial.

Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s purported comment also underscores narcissism in action. Narcissists invariably seek praise and adoration, and they obtain it via their behavior and conduct. Thus, Bob may praise your church building, tell you that you’re a great vestry member, hug you, or tell you how much he appreciates your help. But none of these mean anything, and perjuring priest Bob Malm is very willing to turn right around and throw you, your church, and everything you have done for him under the bus.

Consider: If perjuring priest Bob Malm really is a holy person, and really thinks Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, is a holy place, why the tear-down of the rectory? Why the month away every summer? Why the indifference to the church’s temporal affairs? Surely a holy person would want his purportedly beloved holy place/employer to be well cared-for. In normal thinking, that would be the case, but drop narcissism and splitting into the mix, and perjuring priest Bob Malm can tell people with no sense of irony that he is a great supervisor, even while  objective criteria suggest a different conclusion. Yes, I have heard him say that.

Similarly, an narcissistic organization like Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, is friendly. People are outgoing. To use Leslie Steffensen’s phrase, the church welcomes you with open arms. But because it engages in splitting, it doesn’t have an issue with Bob Malm forcing Mike out of the denomination he joined 16 months earlier. Or Kirk Steffensent threatening Mike’s job. Or the altar guild engaging in bullying/mobbing. Or John Cunningham leaving due to his perceptions of bullying and bad behavior in the church. Myriad additional examples exist.

Relatedly, perjuring priest Bob Malm had an amazing ability to identify others who could engage in narcissistic splitting. For example, Sugarland Chiow was quick to challenge what he said was my impugning his integrity. Yet one has only to read his ugly, inflammatory pleadings, his invention of fictional places and events, or his willingness to violate state law in order to try to depose a dying woman to conclude that one does not need to impugn Sugarland’s ethics — his conduct speaks for itself.  Yet Jeff claims to be a Christian, and evinces no understanding of why his conduct might make others question his ethics.

Of course, Kelly Gable’s conduct is similar. She does not consider it laughably ironic to claim that someone who helped her out with a job is an embezzler, based on her purported first-hand experience, all the while claiming that she has “forgiven” him.

There’s even splitting evident in Sugarland’s attempted solution to the problem, which was trying to use perjuring priest Bob Malm’s facially obvious fabrications claiming I threatened him to shut down criticism. Nice try, Sugarland, but the real problem is much closer to home. The problem is conduct within the parish, and while you might want to try to suppress voices that call out this misconduct, you’ll never succeed. Even if you had, you would have only managed to push these issues underground, versus fixing them. Nor would you have ended misconduct within the parish, for true to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm would have simply reverted to his usual behind-the-scenes manipulation, lying, and smear campaigns.

In fact, Sugarland Chiow, perjuring priest Bob Malm, and Kelly Motormouth Gable have done an admirable job of damaging Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. So much so that it is not clear to me that the church will survive their collective misconduct. Congrats folks—you’ve gone above and beyond in your efforts to close a church that predates the civil war, and absent professional intervention, the damage that you done will continue for years to come. But thanks to the wonders of narcissistic splitting, you don’t see any issue with your conduct.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

But the consummate example of splitting is the young parishioner who posted on Fairfax Undergorund, urging me to commit suicide. Why? Because she wanted to come to the defense of her mother, who had posted what she thought was details of my giving to the parish online. (True to form, she got the details wrong.) And she wanted to come to the defense of her church, Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish.

True to form, she does not see any inconsistency between her professed faith and her conduct.

In closing, in his book, Chuck DeGroat notes that narcissistic organizations often continue their narcissistic, toxic conduct after a narcissistic leader leaves, although they may languish. Such clearly is the case with Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish, for it steadfastly refuses to engage in self-examination.

So if you want to understand Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, and the truly ugly state it is in, be sure to read Chuck’s book. It is available on Amazon here.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Field Guide to the Lawsuits of Clergy Perjury Parish Grace Episcopal Alexandria

As the various lawsuits now under way against Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish and its denizens make their way forward, I thought it would be useful to have list summarizing the various caes. The result is below and will be updated as needed.

A few disclaimers:
  • Several cases are likely to be joined. Thus, the total number of cases may wind up being lower, without any loss of the underlying causes of action.
  • As the cases proceed, it is likely that we will see additional causes of action arise. 
  • At least one additional lawsuit is coming and involves a person connected with the parish. While that individual has a pretty good idea that they are on the “short list,” it is premature to name that individual. Stay tuned for details.
  • I have intentionally omitted the amount of the claims for several reasons. Most importantly, the issue at hand is not about money. It is about doing what’s right, which is something that has proved painfully difficult for the parish, the diocese, and their respective officials. Secondly, with punitive damages in the mix, it is difficult to estimate the amount of any potential recovery. Indeed, recovery could range from nothing at all to millions of dollars. so at this juncture, any estimate is at best a guess.
  • Mom’s estate may yet enter the fray on an independent basis. While Mom assigned most related claims to me prior to her death, discussions with legal counsel for the various parties involved suggest that the estate’s obligation to marshall assets may lead to various lawsuits against the church, diocese, and Bob Malm from that front. At this juncture, it’s simply too early to know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Check it Out: Grace Episcopal School Receives COVID-19 Bailout Funds

Grace Episcopal School Alexandria

Grace Episcopal School, which bloviates on its website about how “We believe that good character grows from daily acts of honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, and courage. We pledge ourselves to develop these ideals with integrity, striving to do what is right at all times,” yet seemingly had no problem with perjuring priest Bob Malm as chaplain, just gobbled down a COVID-19 bailout.

Grace Episcopal School Alexandria

According to Pro Publica, the school gobbled down federal funds in an amount of $150,000 - $350,000. The school was somewhat slow off the mark, coming in behind both St. Rita’s school and Cindi Bermudez’s Maid to Clean.

No word yet from Princess Patti on her views on trying to drag a dying woman into court in violation of state law, despite the fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm lists Princess Patti in his talking points as a contact for information on our conflict.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

More on Sugarland Chiow and Grace Episcopal’s Fraudulent Concealment of Evidence

As we prepare to debate in motions court the issue of the statute of limitations and its applicability to my lawsuit against Kelly for her defamation per se, there is a damning wrinkle right behind the scenes that most parishioners would not spot. Specifically, Sugarland Chiow had an ethical and legal obligation to produce the email in question.

Pursuant to the ABA model rules, which govern attorney conduct and were adopted by Virginia in 1999, attorneys have an obligation not to conceal evidence relevant to the other side, to make full and effective efforts to protect and preserve information, and to avoid destruction of evidence.

We already know that Sugarland Chiow engaged in questionable conduct in this space. For example, he redacted an email from Jeff Aaron to Caroline Parkinson, the diocesan intake officer. In the email, Jeff revealed that Bob Malm violated church confidentiality provisions regarding clergy disciplinary complaints, for he wrote to Caroline Parkinson to discuss the matter, even asking if it was okay to engage in retaliatory conduct.

How did I find out about Sugarland’s concealment? I found out when he sloppily tripped himself up by providing an unredacted copy of the same email. Oops.

In the case of Kelly’s defamation per se, Jeff had a legal obligation as the church’s attorney to make reasonable inquiry about documents subject to discovery. Leaving aside the question why the email in question wouldn’t have been in Bob’s sent folder, he had only to ask vestry members or the diocese for relevant materials. Thus, Sugarland either has an ethical problem on his hands due to failure to adhere to the duty of care imposed on him as the church’s legal counsel, or he has an ethical problem on his hands due to the fact that he had access to the email in question but didn’t produce it.

In other words, no matter how you parse it, Sugarland Chiow at a minimum damaged the church’s reputation, and quite possibly engaged in illegal conduct. I think few would contend he met his ethical obligations as an attorney.

What’s even more ugly is the pervasive pattern of misconduct on the part of Sugarland, perjuring priest Bob Malm, and the church. From making up nonexistent places and events in Texas, to trying to drag a dying woman into court in violation of the law, to concealing evidence, to defamation per se by Kelly Motormouth Gable, to perjuring priest Bob Malm attempting to tortiously interfere with my employment, to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s going after Mike, it is hard to imagine a more toxic church, a more corrupt organization, or a more narcissistic entity.

Monday, July 13, 2020

VIP Witnesses Prepared to Demolish Kelly Motormouth Gable’s Defamatory Per Se Statement

Kelly Gable Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Assuming the courts agree that my claim is not barred by the statute of limitations, Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish and Kelly Motormouth Gable should be prepared to lose, and lose big, in my lawsuit against them for defamation per se.

While I am not prepared to share specific names just yet, I have been in touch with multiple high-profile, well-placed witnesses who have firsthand knowledge (the real kind, versus Kelly’s version) of RPJ Housing’s financials, its cash flow, and its annual audit. In short, they can offer irrefutable evidence that Kelly is not only an idiot, a big mouth, and a gossip, but she has engaged in defamation per se. (I’ll give you a hint: You can’t steal from an organization that doesn’t have diddly.)

The other thing that’s noteworthy is that the evidence I have gathered will, when the time is right, be posted here and elsewhere for all the world to see. So even if the court holds that my claim is time-barred, people will see firsthand the kind of bull crud that goes on within Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish, its vestry and membership. And since the church and its insurance carrier are backing Kelly and her conduct, it is appropriate for people to examine the evidence that I post and reach the conclusion that Grace Church the clergy perjury parish and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia are utterly unethical and totally corrupt.

As an aside, it’s also worth noting that while Kelly decries her allegedly miserable experience at RPJ Housing, she was hired primarily to assist her at a time when her mother had made clear that they were struggling financially. That right there should tell you something about Kelly and her attitude, and by extension the dynamics within Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish.

As things stand, there is no other possible conclusion.

Hopefully, Grace Episcopal Alexandria the clergy perjury parish will close its doors soon. The world will be a better place when it does.

Wade Mullen Again Hits the Nail on the Head About Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the Clergy Perjury Parish

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

A recent Tweet by Wade Mullen, an ordained minister and expert on church abuse, is spot on when it comes to Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, as well as Susan Goff and the rest of the #fakechristians at the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Same goes for Sugarland Chiow and the rest of the hypocrites at the corrupt organization known as Grace Episcopal.

As I have said many times, Bob Malm’s perjury is readily ascertainable. All one has to do is to ask him for any documentation to support his statement, made under oath, in writing, while advised by church legal counsel, and notarized by Jane Rosman, that my Mom or someone purporting to be her repeatedly set up appointments with him and canceled. Simply didn’t happen, and I’d be prepared to bet that fat cat Susan Goff knows it. Yet here we are, dragging through court, as perjuring priest Bob Malm pretends to be a Christian while hanging out at St. Gabriel’s. Meanwhile, Grace Church the clergy perjury parish, continues to cling tenaciously to its support for Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable and the latter’s defamation per se.

The result, predictably enough, is that Grace Church and the diocese will continue their slide towards existential crisis, for one cannot be an authentic church and turn a blind eye to perjury, defamation per se, Bob Malm’s myriad lies, the bullying by the altar guild and the choir, and all the other BS that comes out of Grace Church.

Meanwhile, Jean Reed, Kemp Williams, and the rest of the gossips at the church will continue to prattle on about how I’m defaming the “servants of Christ” at the church, while lamenting the chaos that they claim I am sowing. But the precipitous decline in the parish comes from their own endorsement of bad behavior; their unwillingness to examine their conduct, individually and collectively; and their failure to recognize a simple notion: The only way to avoid being criticized for hypocrisy is for a church to try to live up to the standards it professes.

In all of this, one thing’s certain: Neither Grace Church, nor perjuring priest Bob Malm, nor Susan Goff and the rest of the fat cats and bloodsucking leaches at the diocese will ever acknowledge that Bob Malm is a perjurer, let alone say thank you to anyone who tells the truth.

They are simply too corrupt to do so, and just like the good Christians of Grace Church, they have nothing but contempt for the truth.

Avoid Grace Church.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Failing to Disclose Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Misconduct Causing Lasting Harm to Grace Church and the Diocese

One of the sad things about the current situation is that neither Grace Church, nor the vestry, nor the diocese/bishops, nor the Canon to the Ordinary, understand the long-term problems that are being caused for Grace Church or the diocese by their failure to disclose Bob Malm’s misconduct. And leadership at all levels is so wedded to their approach of deny, obfuscate, cover-up, litigate, and sit in splendid silence that I don’t see any possibility that they will ever have the introspection to understand that they are destroying both Grace Church and the diocese.

Why does silence have this effect?

The answer has myriad components, but it can readily be summed up by saying that failing to disclose erodes confidence in the church at every level.

True to form, folks at Grace Church want to believe Bob Malm and his fabricated version of events. As a result, we see comments like Jean Reed’s clueless bit about how my disclosure defames Bob and the other “servants of Christ” at Grace. But true servants of Christ don’t commit perjury. They don’t try to drag dying women into court in violation of state law. They don’t lie repeatedly to their bishop. They don’t engage in personal vendettas in court against people who criticize them. They don’t urge others to commit suicide.

Even more importantly, real Christians bring light to the darkness. They resist injustice and oppression. They tell the truth, even when it’s not easy to do so. Unlike Bob Malm, they don’t respond to concerns with, “Why should I give a fuck?!” (Yes, there were witnesses.)

What makes the situation even more sad is that there are leaders at Grace Church who know enough about change management to understand they dilemma they face, but they simply are not taking action. These include Elizabeth Legere and Tracy Enger. Similarly, assistant Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson and Canon Mary Thorpe both should know better, based on their training and professional experiences.

I’d also be prepared to bet that, if we discuss an out of court settlement, the first thing the diocese will insist on will be NOT admitting liability. The second will be confidentiality. Thus, true to form, the diocese will not follow a Christian model of healing, but a corporate model. (For the record, the latter is not going to fly with me. For once, the diocese is either going to conduct itself as a group of Christians, or I will hold it fully accountable at law. And if the church manages to win in court, that will be just that much more evidence that there is nothing Christian about Grace Church or the diocese, and I will share that with the world. The evidence is already there for the diocese and all the world to see: Bob Malm is a perjurer. Pure and simple. He committed his perjury as rector of Grace Church, and with the full knowledge and express approval of Bishop Susan Goff.

The screen caps below are from the Rev. Robin Hammeal-Urban’s excellent book, “Wholeness After Betrayal: Restoring Trust In the Wake of Misconduct.” Robin serves as canon for mission integrity in the Diocese of Connecticut, and is considered possibly TEC’s leading authority on dealing with clergy misconduct. Her book, referenced elsewhere on this blog, is excellent; so much so that I sent copies to Shannon Johnston, Pat Wingo, and Caroline Parkinson.

Ironically, the diocese’s response to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s misconduct has been a virtual how-not-to, when compared to the best practices Robin details in her book. Regrettably, it is doubtful that any diocesan officials have read the book, for they have made no changes or improvements in their handling of disciplinary complaints, and continue to this day to make a hash out of things. Indeed, one former canon to the ordinary from EDOW noted the profound lack of training evinced by diocesan staff on handling misconduct and urged that they get additional training. Her recommendations were ignored. But you cannot truthfully claim to seek and serve Christ in all persons when you ignore clergy misconduct.

Clearly, DioVA does not take clergy misconduct seriously, or treat those who have experienced misconduct with respect. It would rather engage in cover-up than tell the truth. And it has done so, even in cases involving egregious sexual harassment of female church employees. (In one particularly ugly case, Bishop Shannon Johnston swept the whole thing under the rug without telling the victim, then claimed that he couldn’t discuss the matter with her as it was confidential. Very typical of my experiences with the diocese, and it is shocking and appalling that any bishop would think this is an acceptable way to handle sexual harassment of women. Or any other human being. Feel free to quote me.)

Below are screen caps from Robin’s book speaking to the problems that arise when misconduct is not disclosed, and the tendency of those in power to dismiss or write off those who bring these issues to light. Particularly relevant is the discussion about the long-term problems that arise when misconduct is not disclosed.

See for yourself.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Legal Update: Plaintiff’s Opposition to Lindsey Malm Anders’ Plea of Statute of Limitations

Attached is the plea I have filed in response to Lindsey Malm Anders’ plea of the statute of limitations. Inter alia, I note that her defamatory per se comments in which she suggests I have engaged in criminal activity are well within the one-year statute of limitations.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot to sue another individual connected with the parish in the coming days. Some of you have already figured out who it is, but I will leave specifics until suit actually is filed.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Petition Demanding Independent Investigation of Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Passes 17,000 Signatures

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

As the various court cases against perjuring priest Bob Malm, clergy perjury parish Grace Episcopal Alexandria, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia lumber through the courts, my petition seeking an independent review of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s actions has now garnered more than 17,000 signatures.

The petition was started after Bishop Susan Goff, the Rev. Melissa Hollerith, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia said that they will only address clergy perjury if criminal charges are brought. That’s right—it’s the Wild, Wild West in Virginia, where any sort of conduct is okay for Episcopal clergy as long as they don’t get caught. Child molesters, embezzlers, murderers, all are okay as Episcopal clergy under this standard, as long as the police don’t charge you.

Of course, the fact that Susan Goff and the rest of the Mayo House crowd can say this with a straight face speaks volumes about the current state of The Episcopal Church. Famously inclusive, the denomination welcomes you with open arms. You just need to decide if a church where criminal conduct is okay for clergy is really the church for you.

And while you’re at it, think about whether a church that urges others to commit suicide, sues its members, subpoenas the dying, calls its critics “domestic terrorists,” makes false statements of law and fact in its courtroom pleadings, invents nonexistent places and events when it goes to court, and turns a blind eye to harassment, bullying, and misuse of funds is really a good place for you and your family.

It’s not.

And if you are concerned about social justice and making the world a more fair and just place, now is the time to withhold your support from The Episcopal Church. Any church where it’s okay to go after a dying woman, or to urge others to commit suicide, is not worthy of your support.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Another Shout Out to Candidates for Rector

Thinking about applying for the postion of rector at Grace Church Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish? If so, the screen cap that follows should make you think twice.

The post, which was authored by a then college-aged member of the parish, reflects the world view of someone who grew up in Grace Church. Both her parents have served on the vestry. Yet she sees no problem with urging others to commit suicide.

Even more telling is the fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm cited this screen cap in court as one the alleged threats made against him. Thus, one faces two possibilities:

1) That perjuring priest Bob Malm is a liar, which is well-established. If nothing else, his false claim that Mom or someone claiming to be her made appointments with him is an example in which he lied under oath, in writing, while advised by legal counsel, and notarized by parishioner Jane Rosman. In other words, he committed perjury. And then there is his claim that only his wife blogged about these issues, when he knew damned well that his daughter Lindsey had done so as well.
2) That perjuring priest Bob Malm is so delusional as to be unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy. I leave any conclusion on that issue to others.

Of course, one also must consider the fact that the vestry, the parish, and the diocese continue to defend Bob Malm’s conduct and engage in cover-up.

My take on it: Any priest who commits perjury, whether criminally charged or not, should be treated the same as a sex offender who has not faced criminal charges—he should be removed from ministry on an immediate basis, with the diocese and vestry telling the truth about what happened. The fact that the diocese does not take this action means neither it, nor the bishops, nor the vestry have any claim to moral legitimacy. There simply is no reason why perjury should be acceptable behavior for any member of the clergy. And if you can’t trust Susan Goff and the Episcopal Church to deal with criminal conduct by clergy, you surely are asking for trouble if you think they can deal with an issue like racial reconciliation.

Lastly, I would add that while I don’t know this to be a fact, I’m prepared to say it’s a safe bet that the diocese already knows that Bob Malm has perjured himself. There are enough attorneys in the mix, and the church’s insurance carrier is sufficiently involved, that they would be grossly negligent if they did not investigate the matter in order to ascertain potential liability. 

So, if you want to be rector of a parish where this sort of thing is okay, go for it. You and the parish deserve each other.

PS I’m adding a photo of Mom taken not long before her death, so you can think about what it means when Grace Church tries to drag a dying woman into court. Good luck with your job search. And just remember: If your name isn’t mud with the good Christians of Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, you have some serious ethical and spiritual issues.

Grace Episcopal Church Alexandria

Sigrid Yahner, the dying woman perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to drag into court

More News: Pennsylvania Litigation

A few minutes ago I got off the phone with the magistrate’s office in Venango County, which I contacted to request a continuance, as I will be in motions court on the Virginia cases on July 24. I anticipate that the Pennsylvania hearing will be held no earlier than July 31.

During my conversation with the clerk of court, I learned that perjuring priest Bob Malm will be represented by Rachel Enger, an associate at the Pittsburgh office of Cozen Connor. Her bio is below.

It will be interesting to see how perjuring priest Bob Malm defends his decision to try to drag a dying woman into court for depositions in violation of Pennsylvania law; recall that leave of court is required when someone seeks discovery in a protection from abuse case.

As an aside, if you are a candidate for rector, or are looking for a new church home, you should know that this sort of thing is acceptable at Grace Episcopal Church. Even Bob Malm’s perjury is okay with Bishop Susan Goff—after all, the diocese has said in writing that it won’t address Bob Malm’s perjury on the specious grounds that he hasn’t been convicted.

But then, maybe perjuring priest Bob Malm will be kind enough to provide his documentation that my mom, or someone purporting to be her, repeatedly made appointments with him, only to cancel.

We’ll wait.

Great Comment About Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Over the past 10 hours, I’ve been making the rounds on social media, making sure people know that perjuring priest Bob Malm has said he plans to defend his efforts to drag my mother, then dying of COPD, into court via a subpoena that was illegal under state law. Here is one of comments.

BREAKING NEWS: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Says He Plans to Defend His Efforts to Drag a Dying Woman into Court

Want to see what a scumbag perjuring priest Bob Malm is? In today’s mail, I got a notice that perjuring priest Bob Malm intends to defend the lawsuit in PA, in which I am asking the court to award Mom’s attorney fees after perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to drag my mother, then terminally ill, into court for depositions.

In case I haven’t been clear on this, let me say again: Any priest who would, in violation of state law, try to drag a dying woman into court in pursuit of his vendetta, is trailer park trash. Even worse, through Sugarland Chiow, perjuring priest Bob Malm later tried to mislead the courts.

At the heart of the matter is Bob’s effort to subpoena my mother in the prior litigation. As part of that, he attempted to domesticate a Virginia subpoena in Pennsylvania, in violation of Pennsylvania law. Pursuant to Rule 1930.5 of the state’s rules of civil procedure, there is no discovery in protection from abuse cases absent leave of court. That’s right. No subpoenas. No depositions. No interrogatories. No requests for admission. No answers to written questions. You must get leave of court first. I repeat: You must get leave of court first.

Perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to subpoena a dying woman

Yet Bob decided to show up, try to subpoena a woman he knew was terminally ill, and attempt to drag her into court for depositions. No effort to obtain leave of court. Nothing. And it’s not like Sugarland Chiow’s law firm wasn’t able to research the relevant rules. Sugarland either didn’t bother to do his legal research, or he did his legal research and figured he’d ignore the law and try to pull a fast one on a dying woman.

To make matters worse, Sugarland later displayed some serious gaps in his memory. At one point, he argued that he had spoken with Mom’s attorney and she was doing just fine. At another point, Sugarland took an inconsistent tack, telling the courts that he was not aware that she was terminally ill. Yet her blog made very clear that she was terminally ill.

Then we get the comment from mom’s attorney, who said, “You’ll have to fill me in on the details of the case. That attorney is coming at you with a personal vendetta.”

The fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm and the Episcopal Church think that their conduct is defensible makes clear why this toxic church just needs to go away. If filing an illegal subpoena against a dying woman is something they think is okay, my response is, “No thanks. You can keep your toxic church, your toxic diocese, and your toxic denomination. Jesus came to free people from religious oppression. You are the oppressor.”

Perjuring priest Bob Malm attempts to defend his efforts to drag a dying woman into court.

Monday, July 6, 2020

See for Yourself: My Amended Civil Complaint Against Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

With the late-breaking development of Kelly Motormouth Gable’s defamatory per se statement, which was republished and packaged with a lie by perjuring priest Bob Malm about the underlying context for Kelly’s defamatory statement, I have sought leave to amend my civil complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm.

Below is my revised complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm, complete with attachments.