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Friday, November 8, 2019

It’s Pledge Season at Grace Church — Please Give Generously!

We depend on your generosity to pay those $100,000 clergy bonuses! Doesn’t your rector deserve a month on the beach every year? Please give generously!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Reminder: Grace Episcopal Publicly Discloses Confidential Giving

With pledge season off to a slow start at Grace Episcopal Alexandria, it’s time for an important reminder. Specifically, while the church will tell you that giving is confidential, it is not.

I repeat: Your giving to Grace Episcopal Alexandria is not confidential. In fact, some imbecile may decide to post that information on social media.

Doubt it? Here’s proof in the form of a screen cap from The Wartburg Watch, in which a parishioner, believed to be Lisa Medley, shares the fact that someone in my family wrote a check to the church in the amount of $.02.

For the record, true to form the poster has her facts wrong. Leaving aside other lies in her post, the check for $.02 was neither giving to the church, nor written by me. Yet the fact remains: Individual giving is not supposed to be shared with other parishioners, nor posted to social media. The fact that the idiot behind this post doesn’t recognize this makes clear just how thoroughly toxic the parish is.

Unless you want to risk your personal data being posted to social media, it is best to avoid pledging to Grace Episcopal Alexandria.

Grace Episcopal Publicly Discloses Member Giving
Grace Episcopal Posts Details of Member Giving to Social Media

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Thinking About Pledging at Grace Episcopal Alexandria this Fall?

Considering pledging at Grace Episcopal Alexandria this fall? Or thinking about becoming a member?

If so, just know before you take the plunge: This is how people at Grace Episcopal Church talk to each other. But then, in light of Bob Malm’s perjury, what’s a little defamation?

Keep in mind, too, that the Episcopal bishops of Virginia say they fully support Bob Malm and the parish. And Mike Jones talks about how Grace is a wonderful place.

If you think this sort of thing is okay, you probably do think Grace Episcopal is a wonderful place.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Speaking of Money....

As you consider pledging this fall, here are a few questions you might ask:
  1. Why, when a previous parish administrator left, was more than $1,000 in loose cash found in her office, as well as numerous stale checks?
  2. Why were these issues not detected in advance of her departure?
  3. What safeguards have been implemented so that this cannot happen again? “I trust Beth,” is NOT a safeguard, by the way.
  4. Why does the parish not have a finance manual as required by canon law, even after 28 years of Bob Malm?
  5. What do the answers to these questions tell me about the parish? About Bob Malm’s job performance? About the vestry? About respect for people and resources?
Last but not least, if you cannot get straight answers to these questions, or feel safe asking them, my advice is to cut your losses. Don’t pledge until you get answers to these questions.