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Saturday, August 1, 2020

BREAKING: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Goes to Court on Monday

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Perjuring priest Bob Malm goes to court in an effort to defend
his efforts to drag a dying woman into court

On Monday, perjuring priest Bob Malm gets to explain why he thought it was okay, in violation of state law, to try to drag a dying woman into court for depositions.

Keep in mind that, by that point, Mom was in palliative care, needed oxygen 24/7, was incontinent, unable to have speak for more than a few minutes, and suffering debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

At issue is the fact that Pennsylvania does not permit discovery in protection from abuse cases absent prior leave of court. This is expressly established by statute set forth at  231 Pa. Code § 1930.5.

In the case of perjuring priest Bob Malm, he made no effort to obtain prior leave of court. Indeed, even after opposing counsel notified perjuring priest Bob Malm of the issue in court, perjuring priest Bob Malm continued to harangue the court, arguing that he had not had an opportunity to be heard, that its decision was unfair, and more. Meanwhile, the law is clear: No discovery absent prior leave of court. None.

Of course, there’s also the question of what kind of jackrabbit goes after a dying woman? Most people would think twice, and one imagines that a priest would have serious qualms. But not perjuring priest Bob Malm or Sugarland Chiow.

And that illustrates why it is so very important to share information about Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. In this toxic system, that sort of conduct is okay. To this day, I have yet to see any sign that anyone on the vestry had any objections. Nor did Susan Goff or Shannon Johnston.

So, before you get involved at Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, this is how the church puts the baptismal covenant’s promise to respect the dignity of every living being into practice. In fact, it was shortly before this that Mom had to have one of her beloved little dogs put to sleep, which left her crying for days, painfully reminded of her own imminent death.

Now, on Monday, we will get to see perjuring priest Bob Malm — and by extension, Grace Episcopal  Alexandria — try to avoid accountability in the courts. And it is telling that one has to go to court to get perjuring priest Bob Malm or Grace Episcopal Alexandria to act with any sort of integrity.

Proof that Grace Episcopal is a sad, dysfunctional, toxic and dying church.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Monday, November 5, 2018

DioVA Plans Listening Sessions, I Call Bullcrud

When I was a kid, a family member commonly  used the phrase “a day late and a dollar short.” This words come to mind as Bishop Susan Goff now takes on the ecclesiastical authority for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and announces that she will begin a series of “listening sessions” across the diocese. All of which is a nice way of saying that the listening sessions are a bunch of hogwash. A complete waste of time for all involved.

Why do I say that? Because +Susan, and the rest of the Mayo House crowd, has been well aware of Bob Malm’s antics over the past three years and have consistently refused to do anything about them. That begs the question: Why even have a bishop if they can’t so much as ensure that church is a safe place?

Indeed, +Susan is well aware of Bob’s perjury; his efforts to drag my mother, dying of COPD, into court; and more. In fact, she refused to get involved when I asked her to help mediate rising tensions with Bob Malm, even though Pay Wingo had suggested I reach out to her if help was needed in this area.

In short, why bother with listening sessions if the diocese won’t even address clergy misconduct?  What an absolute waste of time! If the diocese wants to mend its ways, why not start with the issues it already knows?

Bishop Goff, please don’t offer false hope. DioVA is utterly indifferent to the welfare of its members, and you can quote me on that. Moreover, you and the rest of the Mayo House fat cats have demonstrated this repeatedly, so let’s not waste time on such silliness.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Context: I Previously Offered to Settle

As Bob Malm noisily tries to convince the fat cats at Mayo House and the Alexandria police department that I am mean, threatening and mentally ill, true to form he conveniently omits a salient fact, which is that in 2015 I offered to settle our differences. Through Jeff Chiow, Bob turned down my offer, yet now he angrily looks for a way to force an end to the dispute, which simply is not going to happen.

Specifically, shortly after Leslie Steffensen’s stupid and remarkably un-Christian response to my background check, my attorney contacted Bob and shared that we intended to file suit for defamation. We offered to drop the case if Bob agreed to two things:
  1. End his campaign of disparagement.
  2. Stop his interference with the practice of my faith.
Of course, both should be normative for clergy, but through Jeff Chiow, Bob rejected my offer. So, Bob now gets what he wanted, which is a continuation of the conflict.

So, next time Bob starts complaining about being “attacked,” about slander and defamation (he clearly does not know what the words mean), and carrying on about how the police should not permit people to criticize him, keep in mind that Bob chose for this conflict to continue. True to form, having made an arrogant, mean-spirited, reckless and really dumb choice, Bob now hopes to convince others to bail him out from his own stupidity.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Newsflash: Grace Church is #Clueless

In all of this, one of the amusing things is that neither Bob Malm, not Jeff Chiow, nor David Crosby,  nor the Grace Church vestry, nor church members, get it. That’s right, #clueless.

Newsflash: The problem you have is not negative reviews of your sad church. Nor will efforts to make negative reviews go away succeed. In fact, the more you attempt the latter, the worse you make things for yourself. For example, Bob Malm’s campaign of innuendo about “dysfunction” and “health” is now a laughing stock in some circles, and will be for a long time to come. The fact that, as a church, you buy into his silliness just adds to the amusement.

Newsflash #2: When people look at your conduct, they don’t see anything even remotely Christian, and it has nothing to do with my blogging.

Nor do the following work:
  1. Suggesting that I commit suicide.
  2. Contacting my employer and current church.
  3. Claiming that I am delusional, for there are plenty of original source materials on this blog, with many more to come, including Jeff Chiow’s inflammatory and abusive legal pleadings. 
  4. Arguing that there are two sides to every story. The conduct documented in this blog is wrong and un-Christian, no matter how you parse the issues.
  5. Lying about what has transpired.
  6. Threatening me or my family.
  7. Claiming you took Ambien, LOL. (For the record, no one’s tried that line yet, but doing so would be in keeping with Bob Malm’s usual antics.)
Newsflash #3: The reality is straightforward: The only way to have people regard your sad church as healthy is to be healthy. No shunning, no bullying, no parking lot conversations about former parishioners, no emails about your perceptions of the mental health of others, no threats, no innuendo, no lies claiming that I left on my own. When the day comes (unlikely as that is) that I and others who have criticized you can walk into Grace Church and be welcome, then you will be on the road to health. (For those of you who are still shaking your heads, Google “prodigal son.” Yeah, in the Bible.)

Until you change your behavior, Grace Church will continue its precipitous decline. People are not stupid, and they understand that sooner or later they too will experience your toxic behavior if they associate with you.