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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Legal Update: Motion for Reconsideration in Pennsylvania Case

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

A few days ago, I received notice that the Pennsylvania court dismissed the case against perjuring priest Bob Malm without prejudice, meaning that the decision has no preclusive effect. While the court’s decision does not explain its reasoning, based on the oral arguments and the nature of the decision itself, I believe the court concluded that Mom’s written assignment of rights, made shortly before her death, was excludable as hearsay.

Assuming that is an accurate conclusion, the court’s decision was in error, for it is well-settled that written contracts, verbal contracts, contractual language and assignments of rights are not hearsay. Instead, they are independent acts that do not go to the truth or falsity of another matter. As such, they are evaluated on their own, and in the context of surrounding circumstances.

In the instant case, it is undisputed that Mom assigned all her legal rights as against perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to me in writing prior to her death. She knew death was imminent, and she knew that litigation against perjuring priest Bob Malm and related parties was only weeks away. Thus, there should be no doubt that she effectuated a transfer of these rights to me—the only person for whom they would have value—prior to her death.

A copy of my motion for reconsideration is posted below. If this is unsuccessful, my plan is to bring suit in the Court of Common Pleas.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Next Up: Pennsylvania Lawsuit

This week will be a busy one with various minor tasks relating to litigation, including the change of venue in the lawsuit against Kelly Motormouth Gable, and sundry other motions court issues. I’ll also be preparing for the hearing in the Pennsylvania case, in which perjuring priest Bob Malm is being sued for the legal fees associated with his ultra vires subpoena of my mother, who was then terminally ill.

At the heart of the matter is Pennsylvania law, which forbids subpoenas in protective order cases absent prior leave of court. True to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm didn’t bother to seek leave of court, and so wasted a lot of time and money for all involved when he tried to drag Mom into court.

The great irony in all of this is, had he managed to pull off his little stunt, Bob would have either had to try to get a court to impose sanctions on a dying woman or face the prospect of Mom, propped up in a wheelchair and medicated with morphine, being wheeled into the courthouse. All of which is to say that he probably should be glad he didn’t get his wish — he would have looked like a bigger jackass than is already the case.

But hey — Bob Malm and denizens of Planet Malm love Jesus.

Yeah, right.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Pennsylvania Court Date Set for July 10

Today the Venango County Magisterial District Court set a hearing date for one of the lawsuits against perjuring priest Bob Malm. That date is July 10.

A copy of the notice is below.