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Friday, August 21, 2020

Great Article on The Wartburg Watch

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

There’s a great article today on my buddy Dee’s blog, The Wartburg Watch, in which Providence Presbyterian, a PCA church, tries to excommunicate a former member because it didn’t like his Facebook posts. In other words, it tries to pull a Bob Malm.

Of course, had the church in question truly aspired to live up to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s lofty ethical standards, it would have claimed that it felt threatened by his posts, adding something to the effect that his recent activities were an escalation and invoking “domestic terrorism.”

Where is perjuring priest Bob Malm when the church needs him?

Check out Dee’s post at

BTW, despite some recent health issues, Dee plans to testify when my lawsuit against perjuring priest Bob Malm goes to trial. Fun times.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Lisa Medley Proves Grace Church is Toxic

One of the ironic things about Grace Episcopal is that, as Lisa Medley and others attempt to demonstrate that the church is not toxic, they engage in the very behavior that makes it toxic.

Below are comments from Lisa Medley aka the Princess Porcine, in which she claims that bullying and shunning have never occurred at Grace Church. Yet she and her buddy Alison Campbell were two of the parishioners to engage in the most egregious misconduct.

Moreover, Bob’s decision, confirmed via his email to me, my confirmation email to Jeff Aaron (who denied us access to the church building), and the email from Jones (in which he confirmed that Bob had been in touch to tell him to remove me from participation in parish activities) all confirm that Bob did direct a campaign of shunning and harassment directed at me and Mike. And just like children who try to say, “I didn’t do it,” despite the fact they clearly broke the window, left a mess, etc., Lisa and her ilk don’t have the maturity to recognize that lying and denying don’t make the underlying issue go away.

Meanwhile, nothing in Lisa’s post, or other communication from the church, suggests any genuine concern for me, Mike, or my mother.  Indeed, I have some great film footage of Lisa and others making obscene gestures at me—a wonderful testimony to the depth of their Christian faith.

And for the record, others have had similar experiences, as evinced by John Cunningham’s confirmation below. Even one Episcopal priest, well familiar with the situation at Grace Church, has said gently, “They have a lot of work to do.”

In her comments at The Wartburg Watch, Lisa Medley, aka the Princess Porcine, shows what she and Grace Church are really about.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Blast from the Past: Third-Party Observers Describe Parishioners’ Behavior as “Hateful and Childish”

“While they seem sane to themselves, the seem immature and hateful to outsiders who are looking at their behavior.”

An excellent observation, and one that I believe applies to numerous parishioners in this situation.

Screen cap from comments on original Wartburg Watch article about Bob Malm’s abusive behavior.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Breaking News: Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia Appears to Pull a Bob Malm and Attempt to Silence Criticism in Court

Following is a repost, used per standard reprint permissions from The Wartburg Watch, of a disturbing story in which Phil Snyder, a former deacon of 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia PA, alleges that attorneys from the church have attempted to obtain a court order against him for protesting outside the church. 
Those of you familiar with the tactics of Dysfunctional Bob Malm and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow have already guessed correctly that the church allegedly is claiming that Phil was “threatening” and “harassing” in the course of his protests. However, I have reviewed various information relating to the case, including Phil’s body cam footage, and am not convinced that Phil has, in fact, engaged in such conduct. Moreover, it appears that Phil did not enter church property during his protests.
The matter goes to trial in the next few weeks and I am tentatively planning to attend the hearing. In either case, I intend to give this matter extensive air cover. And, of course, if there is evidence that supports a different conclusion, I am happy to receive it.
In the meantime, shame on the good Christians at 10th Presbyterian for what appears to be an effort to shut down First Amendment-protected legitimate criticism.
As we enter 2019, 10th Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, finds itself embroiled in a lawsuit. A former deacon of the church, Phil Snyder, accused the church of covering up alleged cases of sexual molestation and/or physical abuse of students in the ministry.
Update 1/1/19   "The young men were students at Philadlephia Biblical University, now Cairn University, where the music minister was an instructor. "
The church's current senior pastor is Liam Goligher who was preceded by Wheaton College President Phil Ryken. Both feature prominently in this former deacon's story.
IMPORTANT: At the end of the post I've embedded Phil Snyder's body cam footage. Snyder returned to the public street outside of the church to hand out a flyer documenting his concerns. He claims that the church attempted to tell law enforcement that he was threatening and harassing people coming in and out of the church. If this footage is not doctored, then it appears that Snyder was respectful and quiet. Frankly, the body cam was a great idea. I think more church members should do the same when dealing with difficult churches!
After the video, I have some short comments about why I decided to write this story. As you read this, ask yourself the question "Why would Snyder lie about this?" It clarified a few things for me.
I have changed a few words in Snyder's account to keep it line with our editorial policy when it comes to legal stuff. For the lawyers-this entire post is alleged.


In 2001, the music minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, was alleged to have engaged in naked spankings/beatings of students.  The senior minister, Phil Ryken, now the president of Wheaton College, failed to call the police and covered the incident up, allowing the music minister to be in a position of power and influence over young men for another thirteen years.
In 2014, the music minister was finally fired.  However, the new senior minister, Liam Goligher, did not inform the congregation of this.  Instead, the congregation was told that the music minister was leaving to pursue new opportunities.  In fact, on his last Sunday, on 02/02/14, there was exceptional music, including the concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra, David Kim.  The music minister received a standing ovation.  Also, there was a reception given in honor of the music minister.
On 03/16/14, deacon Phil Snyder (the author of this account) spoke out at a congregational meeting, which forced the elders to hold another congregational meeting on 03/30/14, where the congregation was finally told the real reason the music minister left.
In addition to the naked spanking incidents, there was an alleged rape/false imprisonment which occured at a pastor's house.  The police were not called.  Mr.  Snyder requested to meet with the elders with the victim, witnesses, and someone from the Special Victims Unit, but his request was denied.
On 01/13/13, a woman was allegedly sexually assualted in the catacombs (basement) of the church.  The police were not called and the congregation was not informed of the incident.  The senior minister, Liam Goligher, on 10/10/17, denied he had knowledge of the incident or when it occurred.
Beginning on 01/18/16, Mr. Snyder sent out letters to the congregation detailing these and other incidents.  The elders responded by saying the Mr. Snyder's letters were "horrible slander" and "utterly false".  The elders subsequently retracted these allegedly  false statements.
On 10/23/16, the elders excommunicated Mr. Snyder, filed a no trespassing order against him, and threatened to arrest him within 1,000 feet of the church.  Because of this unlawful, allegedly criminal threat (per 18 USC 241 and 242), to arrest him within 1,000 feet of the church, Mr. Snyder filed a lawsuit against the senior minister, Liam Goligher, and the Clerk of Session, George McFarland.  This lawsuit was filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, case number 170102293.  The trial is scheduled for 02/19.
On 09/10/17, in response to the elders' threat to sue him for libel, and in defiance of their threat to arrest him within 1,000 feet of the church, a violation of his constitutional right to free speech, Mr. Snyder went to Tenth Presbyterian Church and handed out letters from a public sidewalk.  The elders responded by filing an injunction against him to stop him from coming within 1,000 feet of the church or communicating with the congregation.  Unfortunately for them, Mr. Snyder was wearing a body camera which proved that their assertions that he was "harassing, threatening, and disruptive" were slanderous and false, i.e. they committed perjury.
Mr. Snyder is requesting financial assistance to help him defend his right to free speech, in particular in regard to alleged crimes, and to enable him to pursue truth and justice in the face of lies and threats from powerful men who abuse their power in an attempt to intimidate him into not exposing their failure to report alleged crimes and their attempts to cover up alleged crimes, in order to protect their reputation and that of their institution, at the expense of victims.

Here is the body cam footage of his actions outside of 10th Presbyterian Church

So, why did I post this?

  • Having watched a church mishandled a sex abuse situation in a former church, I know how hard it is to do what Snyder is doing. The first thing many churches do, and that appears to be the case with 10th Presbyterian, is to start threatening libel and slander. Been there; been through that. Why would any sane person put themselves through something like this? Most times they do it because child sex abuse is a hill worth dying on.
  • But maybe he's insane? If so, why did such a careful, Biblical, strict Reformed church, presided over by the best the Reformed movement has to offer, allowed him to become a deacon?
  • Are we not to respect the thoughts of a man who was selected by the leaders to be a deacon? Isn't that what The Gospel Coalition keeps telling us? Or do we only respect those who do not ask honest questions?
  • At TWW we would never accuse anyone of slander or libel without proving our point. Why do some pastors and church leaders fling the  *slander* and *libel* word without specifically defining what they mean? Is that Biblical or Gospel or whatever the word they are using today? It makes curious person, such as myself, wonder what they are hiding.
  • Why doesn't the church go through each of Snyder's claims and refute them without emotionalism?  It would sure shut down things fast unless...unless they unable to do so?
  • Oh, you say 10th Presbyterian Church doesn't need to say anything? You mean, in this day and age that churches and child sex abuse have been linked by way too many people for very good reasons? Maybe its time that churches open up their windows and doors and let light their light shine?
In 2019, TWW will continue to ask questions of churches who claim they are against sex abuse but might appear to be acting in a contrary fashion...allegedly, that is.
And here is a wonderful comment from The Wartburg Watch in which a poster comments about churches that seek 1,000-foot exclusion zones. Yes, that would implicate Grace Episcopal aka St. Dysfunction.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Letter from Dee Parsons, Editor of the Wartburg Watch

My friend Dee Parsons, editor of The Wartburg Watch, recently sent this letter for possible use in upcoming litigation involving Bob Malm.

Check it out.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

See for Yourself: Email From Bob Malm to Dee Parsons

In this email, Bob contacts my friend Dee Parsons, publisher of The Wartburg Watch, in an apparent effort to get her to change her testimony.

It’s interesting. Bob trots out the Jesus-babble, conveniently ignoring the numerous incidents of questionable veracity on his part. These range from telling parishioners that no one takes me seriously, to telling other audiences that his wife Leslie is “terrified” (despite the fact she didn’t even know of Mom’s blog until Bob told her. Hmmm.), to his oft-repeated, “Don’t worry about it. They’ll be retiring this year,” claim regarding church office staff, a line that he allegedly was using was using as early as Phil Smith’s tenure a junior warden.

Then you get the fictitious “Commonwealth Court,” with its equally fictitious “magistrate.” And Bob’s logical fallacy about filing a false police report, in which he asserts that his report is true. Why? Because he says it’s true. Topping it all off is his logical fallacy that you have to have met someone to have mistreated them—a curious concept in this era of social media.

Folks, don’t send your kids to Tabor, UNC, or Yale Divinity School. If this is the result, you’re better off keeping the money.

And, as always, it’s all about Bob Malm trying to be right and trying to assert power and control. Nothing at all Christlike here. And, as always, Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow is in smack dab in the middle.


Friday, August 24, 2018

Upcoming Wartburg Watch Article

Lots of back and forth today, with an emphasis on a renewed social media push to coincide with the start of the program year. With that in mind, The Wartburg Watch will be running an update this fall on my experiences at St. Dysfunction aka Grace Church, with the tentative release date for mid-October.

Many thanks to Dee Parsons for being a loyal friend.