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Sunday, October 4, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Check out Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Memo in Support of Preliminary Objections to PA Lawsuit

This is a good one. In his memo to the court, perjuring priest Bob Malm attempts to convince the Virginia courts that their decisions should be reviewed by the Virginia courts.

You have to hand it to perjuring priest Bob Malm. If nothing else, he is, um, inventive.

BREAKING NEWS: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Files Preliminary Objections in Pennsylvania Lawsuit


 On Friday, perjuring priest Bob Malm filed preliminary objections in the Pennsylvania lawsuit against him, which seeks to recover damages from his ultra vires subpoena of my mother.

True to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm not only seeks to avoid liability for his misconduct, but in his prelimary objections he tries to pull a fast one on the court by saying that the Pennsylvania subpoena of my mother, issued as she was dying, should be adjudicated by a Virginia court. 

Further, as his attorney well knows, Momn executed a valid written assignment of rights in the lawsuit prior to her death. Thus, the claim that I am attempting to represent her estate is facially bogus.

Shame on Rachel Cozen for defending a perjuring priest who tried to bully a dying woman. And shame on the Episcopal Church for failing to own up to its misconduct.

My advice: Steer clear of any church that thinks this sort of thing is okay. Neither perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct, nor that of the parish, has anything to do with Christianity.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

BREAKING: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Goes to Court on Monday

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Perjuring priest Bob Malm goes to court in an effort to defend
his efforts to drag a dying woman into court

On Monday, perjuring priest Bob Malm gets to explain why he thought it was okay, in violation of state law, to try to drag a dying woman into court for depositions.

Keep in mind that, by that point, Mom was in palliative care, needed oxygen 24/7, was incontinent, unable to have speak for more than a few minutes, and suffering debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

At issue is the fact that Pennsylvania does not permit discovery in protection from abuse cases absent prior leave of court. This is expressly established by statute set forth at  231 Pa. Code § 1930.5.

In the case of perjuring priest Bob Malm, he made no effort to obtain prior leave of court. Indeed, even after opposing counsel notified perjuring priest Bob Malm of the issue in court, perjuring priest Bob Malm continued to harangue the court, arguing that he had not had an opportunity to be heard, that its decision was unfair, and more. Meanwhile, the law is clear: No discovery absent prior leave of court. None.

Of course, there’s also the question of what kind of jackrabbit goes after a dying woman? Most people would think twice, and one imagines that a priest would have serious qualms. But not perjuring priest Bob Malm or Sugarland Chiow.

And that illustrates why it is so very important to share information about Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. In this toxic system, that sort of conduct is okay. To this day, I have yet to see any sign that anyone on the vestry had any objections. Nor did Susan Goff or Shannon Johnston.

So, before you get involved at Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, this is how the church puts the baptismal covenant’s promise to respect the dignity of every living being into practice. In fact, it was shortly before this that Mom had to have one of her beloved little dogs put to sleep, which left her crying for days, painfully reminded of her own imminent death.

Now, on Monday, we will get to see perjuring priest Bob Malm — and by extension, Grace Episcopal  Alexandria — try to avoid accountability in the courts. And it is telling that one has to go to court to get perjuring priest Bob Malm or Grace Episcopal Alexandria to act with any sort of integrity.

Proof that Grace Episcopal is a sad, dysfunctional, toxic and dying church.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

More News: Pennsylvania Litigation

A few minutes ago I got off the phone with the magistrate’s office in Venango County, which I contacted to request a continuance, as I will be in motions court on the Virginia cases on July 24. I anticipate that the Pennsylvania hearing will be held no earlier than July 31.

During my conversation with the clerk of court, I learned that perjuring priest Bob Malm will be represented by Rachel Enger, an associate at the Pittsburgh office of Cozen Connor. Her bio is below.

It will be interesting to see how perjuring priest Bob Malm defends his decision to try to drag a dying woman into court for depositions in violation of Pennsylvania law; recall that leave of court is required when someone seeks discovery in a protection from abuse case.

As an aside, if you are a candidate for rector, or are looking for a new church home, you should know that this sort of thing is acceptable at Grace Episcopal Church. Even Bob Malm’s perjury is okay with Bishop Susan Goff—after all, the diocese has said in writing that it won’t address Bob Malm’s perjury on the specious grounds that he hasn’t been convicted.

But then, maybe perjuring priest Bob Malm will be kind enough to provide his documentation that my mom, or someone purporting to be her, repeatedly made appointments with him, only to cancel.

We’ll wait.

BREAKING NEWS: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Says He Plans to Defend His Efforts to Drag a Dying Woman into Court

Want to see what a scumbag perjuring priest Bob Malm is? In today’s mail, I got a notice that perjuring priest Bob Malm intends to defend the lawsuit in PA, in which I am asking the court to award Mom’s attorney fees after perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to drag my mother, then terminally ill, into court for depositions.

In case I haven’t been clear on this, let me say again: Any priest who would, in violation of state law, try to drag a dying woman into court in pursuit of his vendetta, is trailer park trash. Even worse, through Sugarland Chiow, perjuring priest Bob Malm later tried to mislead the courts.

At the heart of the matter is Bob’s effort to subpoena my mother in the prior litigation. As part of that, he attempted to domesticate a Virginia subpoena in Pennsylvania, in violation of Pennsylvania law. Pursuant to Rule 1930.5 of the state’s rules of civil procedure, there is no discovery in protection from abuse cases absent leave of court. That’s right. No subpoenas. No depositions. No interrogatories. No requests for admission. No answers to written questions. You must get leave of court first. I repeat: You must get leave of court first.

Perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to subpoena a dying woman

Yet Bob decided to show up, try to subpoena a woman he knew was terminally ill, and attempt to drag her into court for depositions. No effort to obtain leave of court. Nothing. And it’s not like Sugarland Chiow’s law firm wasn’t able to research the relevant rules. Sugarland either didn’t bother to do his legal research, or he did his legal research and figured he’d ignore the law and try to pull a fast one on a dying woman.

To make matters worse, Sugarland later displayed some serious gaps in his memory. At one point, he argued that he had spoken with Mom’s attorney and she was doing just fine. At another point, Sugarland took an inconsistent tack, telling the courts that he was not aware that she was terminally ill. Yet her blog made very clear that she was terminally ill.

Then we get the comment from mom’s attorney, who said, “You’ll have to fill me in on the details of the case. That attorney is coming at you with a personal vendetta.”

The fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm and the Episcopal Church think that their conduct is defensible makes clear why this toxic church just needs to go away. If filing an illegal subpoena against a dying woman is something they think is okay, my response is, “No thanks. You can keep your toxic church, your toxic diocese, and your toxic denomination. Jesus came to free people from religious oppression. You are the oppressor.”

Perjuring priest Bob Malm attempts to defend his efforts to drag a dying woman into court.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow: A Painful Lack of Common Sense

You have to hand it to Bob Malm, Sugarland Chiow, the Grace vestry and the diocese: None of them have half the common sense God gave a goat. Not Christian ethics, not Christ-like behavior. Just good old-fashioned common sense, like don’t stick your finger in a light socket. Or don’t dive into a swimming pool if you’re not sure there’s water in it. Or don’t wander around in the dark if you don’t know where the stairs are.

Specifically, I’m thinking of my conflict with Bob Malm. Both Bob and the parish would have been far better off had Bob heeded my July 2014 warning to quit the fun and games. Or if they had taken me up on my offer in 2015 to settle our dispute in exchange for nothing more than an agreement to leave me alone; through Sugarland, Bob refused my offer.

Then there’s the matter of our previous ceasefire. Bob specifically agreed that he understood that our agreement only extended to me. Not to Mike, not to Mom, not to others. Yet in no time flat he was back to his fun and games, trying to manipulate people on all fronts.

Then there’s the matter of Bob Malm’s perjury. Did he really think that was going to work? His daughter Lindsey allegedly called the police over a post on Fairfax Underground that she didn’t like, and next thing you know Bob has pulled the parish in right behind Lindsey. Smooth move, Bob.

Then we got to Sugarland’s inflammatory rhetoric and courtroom fabrications. Because court filings generally are open to public inspection, much of that is now a public record, available for all the world to see. Did he really think calling me a “domestic terrorist” was going to help the church? Folks seeing that sort of nonsense wind up rolling their eyes and heading for a church with a slightly more, um, Christian ethos. Or leaving church altogether.

And of course the diocese has trashed its own reputation by claiming that clergy perjury is okay unless criminal charges are involved. Facially amoral positions such as this make clear that the diocese is nothing but a badly run nonprofit. Same for the blind eye the diocese turned towards Bob Malm and his efforts to drag a dying woman into court. Did anyone really think that would end well for Bob, the parish or diocese?

In short, there’s nothing even arguably Christian about Bob, the parish or the diocese. One has only to look at their conduct to realize that the Episcopal church is morally bankrupt and mired in the filth of its own hypocrisy. As a result, I predict that, absent a sea change, the forecast that TEC will have no Sunday worshippers in 30 years will come true much sooner for Grace Episcopal and the diocese.

There’s simply no longer any good reason to be a member of The Episcopal Church. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sad News: Mom has Died

My last photo of Mom
Early yesterday, Mom died, literally minutes before I got to her home. The end was peaceful, as she dozed off and simply slipped away. I sat with her for the next several hours, holding her soft, frail hand, telling her I love her. Finally, a medical professional was able to brave the icy roads to declare her dead, and I went to the hotel for a few hours of fitful sleep.

Mom did manage to hang in there much longer than medical experts anticipated, due to both being a fighter and her skill as a retired RN. And she had several things she wanted to see happen before she died, including the end of abusive priest Bob Malm’s fraudulent protective order against me, which expired this past Friday. And she took gleeful pride in seeing photos of me and a small group of fellow protestors last Sunday, directly in front of Grace Episcopal Alexandria, my former church, where Bob Malm was rector for 30 years. Indeed, until the last 24 hours, Mom remained as alert as ever, even though she was unable to communicate.

No memorial service is planned, but if you would like to do something to honor Mom’s life and the love she brought to so many, please share this petition or chip in a few dollars so that others can sign.

My deepest thanks to everyone who has traveled with Mom and me on this most difficult journey.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wondering About the Header?

If so, the photo is of my mother, dying of COPD and suffering from advanced congestive heart failure. It was taken at the time perjuring priest Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow attempted to drag her into court in violation of relevant law, as they neither had secured, nor attempted to secure, advance leave of court to subpoena her as required by state law.

Not surprisingly, the court summarily quashed the protective order.

In response, Sugarland Chiow and perjuring priest Bob Malm lied, claiming that she was up and about and doing fine, per a conversation with her lawyer.

Clearly she was not, and throughout her lengthy final illness, she suffered an acute anxiety disorder. That. combined with the pain of her fluid retention and bloating, not fully controlled with morphine and other meds, caused her profound suffering.

So, Grace Church members, Malm family members, vestry members, clergy, wardens, financial donors and diocesan staff/bishops: I hope you are proud of yourselves. How do you plan to explain your conduct before God?

Oh, and if you are silent in the face of this sort of conduct, you are every bit as culpable as those directly involved. “As you have done unto the least of these, so also have you done unto me.” And that includes Michael Guy and Jason Roberson. I’d also love to see how Sugarland Chiow attempts to explain the ethics of his conduct to his children.

Meanwhile, I would be interested to know how St. Gabriel’s and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts feels perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct comports with their purported values.

The photo is used with Mom’s permission, given before she died. She believed it only fair that you see firsthand the suffering you caused.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mom’s Response to the Diocese’s Announcement that Perjury is Okay

Here’s mom’s response after struggling through my response to Melissa Hollerith’s decision that perjury is acceptable conduct for Episcopal clergy.

It’s pretty bad when even hospice patients tell the diocese that it’s ethical trailer park trash.


Friday, January 11, 2019

See for Yourself: Bob Malm Perjury

During discovery, Bob Malm stated under oath that Mom and other family members repeatedly made appointments with him and no-showed. This was part of his purported reason for his claim that I am, in fact, the author of Mom’s blog. There’s just one little wrinkle in all of this: Mom has NEVER made an appointment with Bob, nor has ANYONE done so on her behalf.

In other words, Bob committed perjury.

Here is what Bob wrote, again under oath:

And here is Mom’s response:

And here is my meme summarizing Bob’s perjury:

Oh, and by the way, if Bob tells you that this is defamation, ask him for proof that these meetings were scheduled.

He has none.

Bob Malm, the perjuring priest.

Friday, November 30, 2018

See for Yourself: My Mom, the Terminally Ill “Domestic Terrorist”

Here’s a recent photo of my mom, the woman Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow and Dysfunctional Bob wanted to drag into court. Clearly, the very image of a “domestic terrorist.”

Nice move, gentlemen. Nothing even remotely Christian about either one of you.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

See for Yourself: Bob Malm Again Shows His Idea of Pastoral Presence

Here, we see Bob Malm discussing the blog published by my Mom, which he untruthfully attributes to me. In true Christlike fashion, he uses the phrase “twisted mentality” to refer to me.

Parents, is this the way you want your kids to talk about others? If not, my advice is to steer well clear of Bob Malm and the other #fakechristians at St. Dysfunction aka Grace Episcopal Church.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

News: Mom

A couple of folks have asked how Mom is doing. The answer is, “Not great,” but I doubt anything is imminent.

Of course, we can’t really talk on the phone any more, and even mild activity is problematic. But we keep in touch.

Meanwhile, the recent passing of my much-loved friend and editor Ann Fontaine, who also suffered from lung disease, was a real downer. At the same time, my life is better for having known her, and she was a steadfast and loyal friend. I marvel at her tenacity in the face of much injustice and adversity, including opposition to the ordination of women priests.