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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kelly Gable: Time to Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

Since Kelly Gable likes to run her mouth behind the scenes, now seems to be a good time to invite her to deal openly with issues. Specifically, I encourage her to put her money where her mouth is and take her claims that I embezzled from RPJ Housing directly to law enforcement. That’s right: Time for Kelly to put up or shut up.

Keep in mind that there’s no statute of limitations for felonies in Virginia. So, unless Kelly is claiming that I purloined paper clips or stole stamps, that’s presumably what she is talking about, a felony. Moreover, the threshold to qualify as a felony in Virginia is $500. Thus, there’s no reason not to act. Today. Here. Right now. Time to quit talking and start acting. And boy, wouldn’t Alison Campbell and the other good Christian ladies of the altar guild love to see a conviction? And Lisa Medley would be beside herself with Christian glee. So I cannot think of any reason from Kelly’s perspective NOT to put her money where her mouth is.

Moreover, as assistant executive director of RPJ Housing, Kelly had a fiduciary duty to the organization, as well as to its lenders. So it’s puzzling that she didn’t act while still employed by the organization.

That said, this is Kelly’s chance to make the world a better place, lock up someone she claims is a criminal, and deal openly with things versus triangulation and gossip.

With that in mind, below is my email to Wayne Cyron, who is attorney for her, Bob and his family. While as a matter of professional courtesy I don’t generally post correspondence from legal counsel, this screen cap does not include prior conversation with opposing counsel.

I am putting it here so all involved can see my offer to put up or shut up.

Monday, July 13, 2020

VIP Witnesses Prepared to Demolish Kelly Motormouth Gable’s Defamatory Per Se Statement

Kelly Gable Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Assuming the courts agree that my claim is not barred by the statute of limitations, Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish and Kelly Motormouth Gable should be prepared to lose, and lose big, in my lawsuit against them for defamation per se.

While I am not prepared to share specific names just yet, I have been in touch with multiple high-profile, well-placed witnesses who have firsthand knowledge (the real kind, versus Kelly’s version) of RPJ Housing’s financials, its cash flow, and its annual audit. In short, they can offer irrefutable evidence that Kelly is not only an idiot, a big mouth, and a gossip, but she has engaged in defamation per se. (I’ll give you a hint: You can’t steal from an organization that doesn’t have diddly.)

The other thing that’s noteworthy is that the evidence I have gathered will, when the time is right, be posted here and elsewhere for all the world to see. So even if the court holds that my claim is time-barred, people will see firsthand the kind of bull crud that goes on within Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish, its vestry and membership. And since the church and its insurance carrier are backing Kelly and her conduct, it is appropriate for people to examine the evidence that I post and reach the conclusion that Grace Church the clergy perjury parish and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia are utterly unethical and totally corrupt.

As an aside, it’s also worth noting that while Kelly decries her allegedly miserable experience at RPJ Housing, she was hired primarily to assist her at a time when her mother had made clear that they were struggling financially. That right there should tell you something about Kelly and her attitude, and by extension the dynamics within Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish.

As things stand, there is no other possible conclusion.

Hopefully, Grace Episcopal Alexandria the clergy perjury parish will close its doors soon. The world will be a better place when it does.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

See for Yourself: Kelly Gable’s Conduct While at RPJ Housing

As the defamation per se lawsuits move forward involving perjuring priest Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable, there’s a bit of history that needs to be shared. That includes my correspondence with Kelly shortly after leaving RPJ Housing — which, as one can see from the date of the letter and the reference to Grace Church — happened while I was a member of Grace Church. Thus, it proves that Bob Malm lied to bishop Shannon Johnston, and gives some insight into Kelly’s questionable conduct.

The letter centers on a surprise I got shortly after leaving RPJ Housing, which was that my personal Facebook account had been taken over. A little bit of investigating revealed that this was done by Kelly Gable, and done from RPJ Housing’s offices at 2666 Military Road in Arlington. At the time, she was the only employee working from the office.

How do I know that? Simple — the IP addresses connected with her efforts to remove my email address, change my password and more reflect RPJ Housing’s static IP address for its network. (An IP address is the unique identifier assigned to every network on the web.) Furthermore, one can explicitly see that Kelly added her RPJ Housing work email address to the account. It was only after I contacted Dino Panagopoulos, the organization’s attorney, that the matter was resolved. And the logs attached to the email make clear the extent of Kelly’s activities.

So, while I thought that the conflict with Kelly had been resolved in the weeks following this letter, Kelly’s defamatory per se comments in 2017 put things in a whole new light. 

Meanwhile, one has to ask why Kelly thought it would be okay to go into someone else’s Facebook account, change their password, take out their email address, and add her own. Or even why on this green earth she would want to; surely she had better ways to spend her time, particularly since the organization’s lender, VHDA, elected to default the entire RPJ loan portfolio as a result of my departure, and that of Melissa Simmons, my director of property management. (All VHDA loans contain a retention of rights provision and a cross-default provision. Thus, allegations that a prior RPJ employee had submitted forged zoning documents in conjunction with the acquisition of a property allowed VHDA to immediately default the entire portfolio, including the tax credit properties in Front Royal, upon my departure from the organization.)

As the letter makes very clear, my account contained no RPJ intellectual property, so there was absolutely no reason to try to take it over. And Kelly’s conduct in this matter provides a useful context to evaluate her other weird claims.

More evidence that Grace church is a toxic cesspool.