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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Grace Episcopal: More Lawsuits Coming!

As we move into 2020, I am now preparing the forms for several additional lawsuits, including one that is directed to a member of Bob Malm’s immediate family. I anticipate filing in the next 20 to 30 days.

In talking the matter over with colleagues, one asked me how I felt about suing a priest. My answer was twofold: 1) Bob is a priest in title only, and 2) Having resorted to court and committed perjury in an effort to shut down scrutiny of his conduct, Bob Malm was foolish indeed if he thought the litigation would end there. So I have no issues with suing Bob or members of his family.

And yes, I anticipate naming Grace Church as a defendant in at least one further case.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Blast from the Past: Third-Party Observers Describe Parishioners’ Behavior as “Hateful and Childish”

“While they seem sane to themselves, the seem immature and hateful to outsiders who are looking at their behavior.”

An excellent observation, and one that I believe applies to numerous parishioners in this situation.

Screen cap from comments on original Wartburg Watch article about Bob Malm’s abusive behavior.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking Ahead to 2019: More Protests and Possible Lawsuits

As we get ready to move into 2019, protests continue over Dysfunctional Bob Malm’s conduct, as well as that of Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow. Look for me and others at:

1) King and Seminary aka Dysfunction Junction aka Malm Square(d)
2) the monument at Braddock and Russell Road
3) the front of MOM’s
4) the intersection of Commonwealth and Mount Vernon avenues.
5) 395 during rush hour

Although we have not yet made a final go/no-go decision, I believe it likely that I and several other plaintiffs will file suit against the church, vestry, Bob Malm and family, and several individual parishioners in Federal district court in late January. Assuming we proceed, a second lawsuit is expected later in the spring.

Stay tuned for details.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Breaking News: Additional Lawsuit Possible Against Grace Episcopal, Diocese, Malm Family, Vestry Members

Shortly after Christmas, I will be out of town for several days to meet with attorneys and other potential plaintiffs to a multi-party lawsuit against Grace Episcopal Church, Dysfunctional Bob and his family, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, vestry members (both as officers of the organization and in their individual capacities) and several specific members of the parish. Should a decision be made to proceed, I anticipate we will be filing in federal district court towards the end of January.

Fun times on Planet Malm.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Leslie Malm Again Underscores the Fact that Grace Episcopal is Toxic

In a recent posting on Fairfax Underground, Leslie Malm again demonstrated that Grace Episcopal Church is both toxic and paranoid.

In her posts, Leslie makes a number of assertions, including that:
  1. The “Grace Episcopal Philosoraptor” post and meme are mine.
  2. That this is all about the fact I wasn’t asked to be senior warden.
  3. That she hasn’t written to me.
  4. That I am a compulsive liar.
  5. That God will punish me in heaven for sharing my experiences with Grace Church.

To set the record straight:
  1. The original post and meme are not mine. That said, if Leslie had half the common sense God gave a goat (or half the intellect), it would be pretty obvious who did develop and publish these items. Thus, we see firsthand the paranoia that is rampant in the place — like referring to me as a “domestic terrorist.”
  2. Actually, Bob did ask me to serve as senior warden, although that was not the position in which I was hoping to serve. My preference, had anyone bothered to ask, would have been to continue as junior warden. That said, after asking, Bob reversed course and asked Lisa, no doubt as tit-for-tat for having insisted that he address the lunacy in the church office. A rude way to handle things, and some would say inappropriate on multiple fronts, given my labors following the flood at the church just prior to Bob’s accident, but what else can you expect from a “priest” like Bob Malm? And Lisa, who was never particularly popular in the church and was originally elected to the vestry as an alternate (meaning she was at the bottom of the heap in terms of votes), in my opinion proved to be exactly the senior warden that Bob deserved. That is all I have to say on that matter.
  3. No one said Leslie has written to me. Ever. She did, however, repeatedly contact me via the webform on my former website; I didn’t include a form on my new site so I wouldn’t have to listen to nonsense of this sort.
  4. Defamatory and untrue. But were that the case, members of the parish have heard things like, “Don’t worry about it, they’ll be retiring this year,” often enough that I would be in not-so-good company. And if it were the case, Leslie’s response hardly mirrors what should be normative for Christians. And speaking of lying, Leslie has yet to respond to my friend Dee Parsons’ email asking why Leslie told the former that I had admitted in open court that Mom’s blog is really mine. Nor is this the first time that Leslie has lied about this matter.
  5. If God and heaven in any way reflect Bob or Leslie Malm’s conduct or that of Grace Episcopal Church, no thanks. You can keep all of the above. And having left the Christian faith, I turned my back on all that nonsense long ago. No desire to waste time and money on a super-annuated geriatric fraternity boy who thinks he’s special, or his family, or his church, or any of the tomfoolery that goes along. So I am not worried about those issues, not in the least.
Bottom line, this is one messed up church. Good bye and good riddance; I hope others can learn from my experiences and devote their time and talent to something useful, like animal welfare, homelessness, or building a more just society. 

PS To the person who did post—thanks for weighing in. Just be careful; if people figure out who you are, you’ll be treated every bit as badly as Mike and I have been,

Friday, September 14, 2018

Still More Threats and Defamation from Leslie Malm

Check it out—yet more threats and defamation from Leslie Malm. And still no idea how what it means to conduct oneself as a Christian.

It’s interesting, too: Leslie still hasn’t responded to questions about the lie she told to Dee Parsons, in which she claimed that I had admitted in open court that Mom’s blog is mine. Dee called her on it, and Leslie went silent. That’s telling.

And nowhere in her calculus do we see any explanation for the 120 pledge units the parish has lost, or the 17 percent decline in church attendance. 

Questionable veracity — just an ordinary part of the game on Planet Malm.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another Incident of Leslie Malm’s Questionable Veracity

Earlier today, I spoke with another person who alleged that Leslie Malm stated that I said in open court that Mom’s website is really mine. That’s a curious claim as, were that the case, Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow wouldn’t be arguing that somehow, magically, the site is mine.

Before we go further, if memory serves, Leslie made the same claim in writing over at Fairfax Underground. That, along with her defamatory per se claim that I am a stalker. 

Of course, that brings us to a larger question, which is how it is that these things are okay in a church? Having seen multiple instances of questionable veracity in the parish, including those involving our famous “long-term parishioner,” I think I know the answer, which is that Bob Malm and his family demonstrate that these things are okay.

Of course, in any church where it’s okay to try and drag a dying woman into court, distorting and misrepresenting reality is small potatoes. 

No wonder Grace Church is in decline.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

More Information on Dysfunctional Bob

Ever wonder about the reality behind the heaps of bullcrud from Bob Malm about how his is a close family (despite the legendarily heated arguments between him and his wife Leslie)? The following screen caps may offer some insight to that paradigm.

Note that I have not verified this information so I do not vouch for its accuracy. All persons are presumed innocent as a matter of law until a court of competent jurisdiction rules otherwise.

Here is another court record, which references what appears to be a capias, or arrest warrant, for a misdemeanor offense:

Monday, June 11, 2018

See for Yourself: Leslie Malm Claims Parishioners and Grace Episcopal School Students “Terrified”

Here’s another defamatory post by Leslie Malm, Bob Malm’s wife. 

Does anyone really believe that students at Grace Episcopal School read this blog, let along my mother’s blog? And how would Leslie know that, since she typically rolls through church 3 times a year—if she’s on a tear? Nor has there ever been anything on either blog that would cause a rational person to be “terrified.” Meanwhile, Leslie still appears to struggle with basic English, such as “their” versus “there.”

Yet another example of inappropriate and abusive behavior by members of St. Dysfunction Grace Episcopal Church. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

See for Yourself: Defamation Per Se By Leslie Malm

For obvious reasons, I have zero interaction with Leslie Malm, and I refuse to be baited by her on public fora. That said, she certainly could stand with some legal advice as to the meaning of the phrase, “defamation per se.” Maybe Jeff Chiow would be so kind. Indeed, a discussion about punitive damages, and the fact that she is not covered by the church’s D&O policy, would not be untoward.

Below is a specific example from Fairfax Underground, in which she refers to me as a “stalker” in a conversation with a third party. Having not had any communication with Leslie since 2014, her comments are, at best, a reckless disregard for the truth, and thus legally actionable.

Nor can writing about someone on this on any other blog or publication constitute “stalking.” If that were the case, The Donald would successfully have sued CNN long ago. Think about it.

It’s called the First Amendment. I am guessing Leslie missed that part of school, along with the relevant second grade English classes.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Still More Misinformation from Leslie Malm

In one of her posts over at Fairfax Underground, Leslie Malm claims that, on various blogs, I provide differing ages for my Mom, and that somehow proves that I am the author of Mom’s blogs.

True to form, though, Leslie’s statement simply isn’t accurate, and never was. The only place I reference anyone’s age on a blog is on Surviving.Church, where I mention my grandmother’s age and the fact that I am happy she is still with us. That’s it. No mention of my mom’s age.

Further reason to question Leslie’s veracity.

Friday, March 9, 2018

More Misinformation from Leslie Malm

Just saw a recent post from Leslie Malm over at Fairfax Underground. In it, she makes two false assertions of fact:

1) That I claim Mom is writing both blogs. The reality is that she only writes hers. I take full responsibility for my blog and do so proudly.

2) That I told SGT Salas of the Alexandria police department that Mom’s blog is actually my own. The reality is I said no such thing; indeed, Salas’ comeback was, “Well, lots of people think the blog is yours,” to which I replied, “They can think whatever they want.”

Despite her shaky track record when it comes to veracity, you at least have to give this much to Leslie Malm: She at least does not try to provide false information under the handle, “a long-time parishioner.”

By the way, for the record, my opposition to Bob stops when he cleans up his act. No lying, no bullying, no shunning. That goes for me and my Mom.