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Friday, January 25, 2030

Bob Malm: Club Protest Membership Countdown

By virtue of trying to shutdown criticism by going to court with his facially false claims that he had been threatened, pseudo-priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal signed up for the two-year membership at Club Protest. No refunds, late payments result in an extension of membership. And his decision to include Mike in his vendetta, his multiple lies in court, and his efforts to subpoena a dying woman, all mean Bob gets the special VIP add-on package — my online presence will continue ad infinitum. That’s right, Dysfunctional Bob gets the lifetime virtual membership. Hey, Bob always did think he was special. Well, he’s right.

So, this countdown timer doesn’t mark the countdown to an end to open hostilities. But it does mark the payout of Dysfunctional Bob’s basic Club Protest membership.That said, I have always believed in under-promise, over-deliver, so I will no doubt extend Bob’s basic membership well beyond his original contract. And Grace Episcopal gets in on the action, for free.

By the way, if you see that the counter has passed zero and is counting up, that means that perjuring priest Bob Malm and the parish are enjoying their special free bonus time.

Hey, if he behaves, maybe we can even spot Bob some core body fitness tips. Heaven knows he’s been looking rather well-fed in recent years. And it fits — Grace Church aka St. Dysfunction is looking a whole lot leaner and meaner these days.

See you at Dysfunction Junction aka Malm Square(d)!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Repost: See for Yourself: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Original Request for a Protective Order Shows the Real Grace Church

This one is great. In it, we see perjuring priest Bob’s facially inadequate claims of threats,  which have, thus far, enjoyed Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s professional support. In addition, more of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s intimations of mental illness (including multiple personalities, a disorder closely associated with severe abuse), as well as his facially irrelevant letter from the bishop and his references to blogging. Note too that perjuring priest Bob Malm lies in his chronology about the meeting in Fredericksburg; at no time was there any discussion about “following the bishop’s guidance.” To the contrary, perjuring priest Bob Malm agreed to stop his bullying. It’s also noteworthy that perjuring priest Bob Malm lied in front of the bishop, falsely stating, “Having resigned from the vestry, you were no longer eligible to serve as a trustee.” To which I replied, “Why then, are none of your current trustees vestry members?” Perjuring priest Bob Malm had no response to that.

Check it out.

Meanwhile, as interim pastor Michael Guy talks about preaching the Gospel, this is how Grace Church preaches the gospel in real life. As in, “by their fruits you shall know them.”

Pastor Guy, welcome to Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sugarland Chiow, Perjuring Priest Bob Malm, and Organizational Integrity

One of the interesting things about all churches is that they purport to be purveyors of truth in some form. Yet one only has to look at the personal and organizational narcissism at Grace Church, particularly apropos Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow and perjuring priest Bob Malm, to realize how far from reality that claim is.

In Sugarland’s case, at one point he complained to defense counsel that I was allegedly “impugning [his] integrity. Yet one only has to look at his:
  • Efforts to drag a dying woman into court
  • Far-fetched claims of “domestic terrorism”
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Inflammatory rhetoric
  • Many fabrications, including a mythical church shooting in the fictional town of “Sugarland” 
  • Multiple misstatements of law and fact to the courts.
To see firsthand that one need not “impugne” Sugarland’s integrity. His actions speak more loudly and clearly than I ever could. Or, to use the legal phrase, “res ipsa loquitor” — “the thing speaks for itself.”

Similarly, Bob Malm was fully involved in all of these actions, and personally signed many. He also repeatedly perjured himself in his written statements made under oath, during discovery, including his claim that his wife Leslie was the only person whom he knew had blogged about the matter, and his famous lie that my mother, or someone claiming to be her, had contacted him repeatedly to set up appointments.

These actions enjoy the full support of Grace’s vestry, its clergy, and the diocese to this day. Indeed, the church continues to try to defend its actions in court.

So, the Episcopal Church is dying, and rightly so. It is dying of its own internal rot and unethical behavior.

Meanwhile, Susan Goff and others revert to the same old Jesus-speak and church babble, assuring clergy that they need to take time for themselves, to care for themselves, and that the bishops will have clergy’s backs if anyone suggests otherwise. This denies the reality that, for many church members, life is hard, with job loss, or long hours for those who retain jobs. Some haven’t had vacations in years, and the long hours they devote to the church are over and above very long days at work.

Similarly, Sugarland would do the church a favor if he were to publicly acknowledge his actions, apologize to the parish, and transfer to another church. That way, the parish could begin the lengthy process of rebuilding following 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm and his selfish, childish behavior and all the problems that spun off from that.

In short, the church needs to get over the empty clericalism that empowers the Bob Malm’s of the world, and the unethical sycophants like Sugarland who hang onto them. 

If it does not, the Episcopal church will be gone within the lifetimes of many. And the Susan Goff’s of the world need to recognize that it is not business as usual.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Court Cases Rescheduled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Grace Episcopal May Still be in Court in 2021

COVID-19 Crisis Delays Grace Episcopal Court Cases

With multiple lawsuits now under way against Grace Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Susan Goff, and members of Bob Malm’s family, there is a monkey wrench thrown into things by virtue of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the case of the suit against Grace Church, Susan Goff, and the diocese, the court has continued the motions hearing until June 19. That date does not work for counsel representing the defendants, so opposing counsel and I are trying to work out a new date so that we might submit a praecipe to the court requesting the change.

In the lawsuit against Leslie Malm for defamation, the initial return date has moved to June 26, although that date also may require adjustment. Meantime, I am in discussions with some of the attorneys who represented the dissident groups in the so-called property recovery litigation about possibly expanding the suit. Needless to say, her potential liability in tort is not confined to defamation.

Experts point out that, at its current rate of decline, The Episcopal Church only has about 17 Easters to go. That said, due to scheduling issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis, it increasingly looks Grace Episcopal and the Diocese will still be in court when the 16th-to-last Easter rolls around. Specifically, in response to the pandemic, the motions court hearing date has been postponed until June 19. Unfortunately, defense counsel has a conflict on that date, so it will probably be the end of June or July before we can resolve the various motions pending before the court,

Similarly, dates remain up in the air for the defamation suit against Lindsey Malm Anders, and I may also expand her case with the assistance of legal counsel.

Lastly, while I cannot share details, Bob Malm certainly remains on my radar, as well as the attorneys representing Mom’s estate. Suffice it to say there will be more news on those issues in the coming weeks.

In all of this, the notable thing is that Bob Malm tried to lie his way into misusing the court system to shut down criticism. In so doing, he went down the proverbial rabbit hole, pulling Jeff Sugarland Chiow, the parish, the diocese, and his family into what can only be described as a hot mess. But then, with Bob Malm having consistently placed his own perceived needs ahead of those of anyone else, the outcome comes as no surprise.

Bob et al would also do well to remember that I long ago structured my persona affairs such that I am judgment proof. All assets are either held in irrevocable trust, owned solely by Mike, or in other forms of ownership exempt from judicial process.

Of course, had Bob and Sugarland Chiow had half the common sense God gave a goat, they would have considered such factors long ago. But Bob’s initial hope was to somehow convince law enforcement that writing about him was a crime, But with no lese majeste statutes on the books to cover Episcopal clergy in the US, and the thorny issue of the First Amendment standing in his way, perjuring priest Bob Malm wound up in over his head in record time.

The result is lasting damage to the parish, as well as awareness by literally hundreds of bloggers and more than a million social media users of the church’s actions, initiated by Bob Malm and enjoying the full support of the church vestry and diocesan bishops. Nor is there any possibility that I will go away quietly any time soon. In short, the diocese and parish, as well as Sugarland Chiow and perjuring priest Bob Malm, placed themselves in a catch-22 situation in which no possible scenario exists in which they win. At this point, the only question is how badly they lose, and whether the parish will survive, which is looking less likely by the day.

Moreover, the diocese’s farcical and ugly claim that its clergy will only be held to account if they face criminal charges reveals how illusory church canons are, for they specifically forbid clergy from engaging in conduct involving “dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation”— no criminal charges required. At the same time, it is clear for all to see that the diocese has no claim to moral authority.

Any denomination in which it is okay for Bob Malm to commit perjury is in sorry shape indeed.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Matthew Dumont-Machowski: Another Hypocrite from Grace Episcopal

Matt Dumont-Machowski

There’s something about Grace Episcopal that breeds hypocrites. Maybe it’s lead in the water pipes. Maybe it’s, as one priest has put it, “an evil spirit.” Or more likely it’s 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm.

Check out the amusing screen cap of Matthew Dumont-Machowski’s Twitter page that follows:

Matthew Dumont-Machowski

If nothing else, if Matt is serious about ministry, why wouldn’t he want to increase engagement versus decrease it? Is his faith really that thin?

Meanwhile, if you go to Matt’s website, he bloviates on about refugees, human rights, etc. All worthy endeavors and appropriate for public scrutiny, but meanwhile Matt would do better to look right underneath his nose at Bob Malm’s perjury, his efforts to drag a dying woman into court, his deliberate misuse of church memorial donations, his lies to parishioners, and his feckless approach to being rector. Or, while we’re on the topic of human rights, maybe Matt would be so kind at to share his views on the ethics of a $100,000 bonus for Bob Malm, while cutting health care benefits to parish employees. Or perhaps he can tell me how parishioners urging me to commit suicide comports with his notion of Christianity.

Or let’s cut to the quick and just ask Matt to proffer one iota of support for Bob Malm’s sworn testimony, signed in front of notary and parishioner Jane Rosman, that my mother or someone purporting to be her contacted Bob repeatedly to set up appointments. Should be an easy request—as clergy, isn’t Matt supposed to be resisting injustice and oppression? Or are those just pretty but meaningless words?

As I have said of Bob Malm, “Jesus welcomes outcasts. Bob Malm creates outcasts.”

The good news is that, given its current trajectory, the Episcopal Church only has about 27 more Easters to go. Frankly, being rid of the self-righteous hypocrisy of Matt and so many other Episcopal clergy won’t come a day too soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Grace Episcopal Alexandria Food Pantry Places Parishioners and Students at Heightened Risk of COVID-19

Grace Episcopal Food Pantry Creates Elevated Risk of COVID-19 Exposure to School Students and Others

Let me say upfront: I fully support efforts to alleviate poverty and food insecurity. But the presence of the food pantry at Grace Church creates serious ongoing issues of potential exposure to COVID-19 for students at the church school, as well as parishioners and staff.

The problem is that the food insecure and marginally housed or homeless persons typically lack access to medical care and testing. Further, they often are unable to maintain social distancing, and will lack access to COVID-19 testing for the forseeable future.

"This virus is quite transmissible through relatively casual contact, making this pathogen very hard to contain," says James Lloyd-Smith, co-author a UCLA study on the topic. Moreover, the virus can travel on shoes for at least five days, according to another study. This results in widespread transmission, including to areas that would otherwise seem unlikely to experience exposure.

While children may be less affected by COVID-19 than those in older cohorts, those with asthma and other preexisting conditions are at elevated risk. Further, children at Grace School may unwittingly bring the virus home and expose parents, grandparents and others in vulnerable cohorts.

The New England Journal of Medicine also reports that the virus can live for at least three days on door handles, light switches and other high-use hard surfaces. Ibid.

Thus, with the Grace Church food pantry remaining open during this period of social distancing, floors and hard surfaces in and around the Commons — which includes the entrance to the school —have the potential to spread the virus through all parts of the building, particularly via foot traffic. Given the high percentage of persons age 65 and above in the parish, this creates enormous risk when in-person worship resumes at the church.

For these reasons, all persons at high risk of infection should avoid entering the building until such time as a vaccine and wide-spread testing are available. Additionally, those at risk should pay close attention to efforts to develop some form of treatment for the disease; as things stand, all medical professionals can do is provide mechanical ventilation and other supportive measures until the disease has run its course. And the elderly should carefully contemplate the words of American Health Care Association Mark Parkinson, who said, “The grim reality is that, for the elderly, COVID-19 is an almost perfect killing machine.”

Meanwhile, parents are well-advised to avoid re-enrolling their children at Grace Episcopal School.

Monday, March 2, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Susan Goff and Episcopal Church Defend Perjuring Priest Bob Malm in Court

You have to hand it to the Diocese, Bishop Susan Goff and Grace Episcopal. Not only are they morally bankrupt, but they are vigorous in their defense of their right to be morally bankrupt. I mean, where else would you find a church that is litigating to defend a priest who, like Bob Malm, commits perjury, lies repeatedly, tries to subpoena the dying, and more? Even the Catholic Church has moved past the notion that it should defend abusive clergy in court. But in our case, the diocese continues to try to avoid any accountability, as it files a demurrer, claiming inter alia that Bob Malm’s perjury in the previous proceedings and the ethically questionable behavior of counsel Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow, are not sufficient to state a claim of abuse of process.

Of course, in the end there will be accountability. It will come as members increasingly leave the Episcopal Church, as they come to realize that the church has zero claim to moral authority or legitimacy.

My prediction: Given the utter dysfunction in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, we will see the rate of decline accelerate within the diocese over the next few years. And why not? If there’s one thing we learned from 30 years of Bob Malm, there is zero need for the ludicrous clericalism associated with having an overpaid professional Christian serving as a “priest.” Paying some 200k a year, with 6 weeks of paid vacation and $100,000 bonuses is simply insane. And that is particularly the case when less than 3 percent of the church budget goes to serving those in need.

Check out the church’s pleading below.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Grace Church Still Amateur Hour When it Comes to the Physical Plant, Demonstrates Poor Stewardship

 Burst HVAC line due to non-code compliant underground line, resulting from inadequate supervision of 1994 vendor

Mold in record storage closet due to chronic HVAC leak

One of the things that’s really troubling about Grace Church is the sloppy stewardship it demonstrates when it comes to the resources entrusted to it. This particularly is true when it comes to the physical plant.

Even a cursory review of the outside of the building reveals that the photo cells are burned out on the LED floodlights outside the library and the can lights outside the lower entrance. While the lights are LEDs and thus use relatively little electricity, there’s no point in wasting the latter. Moreover, replacing the photocells is something almost anyone can do, and it’s not expensive.

There’s also evidence of badly done repairs, including the stone cap for one of the buttresses facing Russell Road, which was reattached with cement, versus mortar. The caulking is poorly done in the columbarium using products of varying colors, weeds are rampant, and much of the clearing work Deborah Crabtree and her volunteers did is not being maintained.

Nor has the church maintained a list of vendors. For example, there’s ample documentation on how to reach the mason who originally built the church. He charges rock-bottom rates (no pun intended), since they are repairs for a structure he built, and he redid the slate outside the old narthex back in 2013. Yet when the steps were repaired, no one appeared to know who did the work when the damaged slate areas were recently repaired. Why?

Meanwhile, I’m prepared to bet that the necessary annual maintenance hasn’t been performed on the hot water heater. This inevitably results in rapid failure for instant-on heaters like the one serving the complex.

Of course, there are issues with other deferred maintenance, including:
  • Rotting rake boards and exterior trim.
  • Double-pane windows from the 1994 construction project, all of which are past actuarial life.
  • The two EPDM roofs, both of which are at actuarial end of life.
  • The Merrow Hall roof, which was a half-baked job to begin with, and is at end of actuarial life.
  • The new narthex roof, which is overdue for replacement.
  • The parking lot lights, which are at end of actuarial life and technologically obsolete; replacement with LEDs would pay for themselves within a year.
  • The parking lot and circle, which are overdue to be repaved. I had planned for donations to cover the cost, but stupid behavior on the part of Chris Byrnes made the project impracticable.
  • Original copper plumbing, all of which is at end of actuarial life.
  • Existing original wiring under the choir loft, in the library, and in the nave/chancel. This is old and potentially hazardous.
  • The original elevator, drastically overdue for a rehab.
  • The finish work in the bathrooms, updated in 1994, is at end of actuarial life and looking very dated.
  • The stamped concrete floor in the nave (not actually slate) needs to be resealed.
Speaking of energy efficiency, replacement of the HID lights in the parking lot, including the parapet floodlights; the post lamps in front of the church; and in the auditorium would greatly reduce energy use and pay for the project in less than a year. And while energy efficiency improvements are less dramatic when it comes to fluorescents, deployment of plug-and-play LEDS in the coffer lights throughout the building would reduce carrying costs and energy consumption. In addition, doing so would free up labor for other, more important issues.

Even worse, to my knowledge no one has followed up on David Adams’ recommendation to do a replacement reserve study. As a result, there are still hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work that will be needed in the next five years, and the vestry and other parish leadership has, at best, an amorphous understanding of these issues. (It’s also worth mentioning that I paid for a professional capital reserve study in 2014 out of my own funds, but did not give it to the church due to bad behavior by Bob Malm, Lisa Medley, Alison Campbell and Jan Spence. Too bad, so sad, but if you’re going to act like idiots, I’m not going to help you.)

Much of this work is of much higher priority than the stained glass windows, but with no formal replacement reserve study, these decisions are made based on the whim du jour. Further, the parish has absolutely no concept of aligning anticipated expenditures with saving—the two are entirely unconnected, and when they converge, it’s a purely tactical event.

What’s particularly troubling is that Amy Medrick has property development and management experience. Thus, as parish administrator, these are the sorts of issues she should be championing. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before the completely expected issues with the HVAC systems, which caught the parish by surprise because folks had been wandering around with their heads in the sand, are replicated elsewhere in the building. And while I like Paul Bellantoni and his family, his time would be better spent worrying about the physical plant, versus taking pictures of me.

Of course, this is a long-standing issue with the parish. Much like the flooding in the boiler room for the nave, which was ignored for years and resulted in a section of wall collapsing, the church treats these issues as out of sight, out of mind.

The reality, however, is that deferred maintenance is inevitably more costly than preventive maintenance. In fact, the latter often increases the cost hundreds of times over, like the cost of waterproofing masonry versus allowing it to spall, decay and collapse. Yet the church appears indifferent to the need to be a faithful steward of its resources, despite claims by the church to the contrary.
Spalling and corroding rebar, which will eventually cause collapse 

Nave furnace room flooding and mold

Saturation of interior trim due to flooding resulting in mold
Leaking parapet resulting in drainage three stories below
 Avian nest, fecal material and urine in sacristy ceiling create risk of disease transmission 
Uninsulated sacristy ceiling is profoundly energy inefficient and creates uneven temperature 
Severe molding of dropped ceiling in vesting rooms due to deteriorated/missing insulation on HVAC refrigerant lines

Rust, mold and decaying organic material near air handler