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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Anyone Wonder if Lindsey Malm Anders is Going to be Candid With Her Attorney?

With my lawsuit now under way against Lindsey Malm Anders and Leslie Malm, I wonder if they are going to be candid with their attorneys.

I also wonder if members at Grace Episcopal know that, per sources at the Alexandria Police Department, it was Lindsey Malm who called the department to complain about a post on Fairfax Underground that she didn’t like, and which she claimed was written by me. Or if vestry members know that it was only after the police department told Lindsey that they could only act if there was threatening behavior that Bob Malm decided to commit a fraud on the court and lie by claiming he was threatened? 

Doubt it? Just come up with one jot or tittle of evidence that, per Bob Malm’s written claim under oath, Mom or someone claiming to be her contacted him repeatedly to set up appointments. And then you get morons like David Crosby bloviating on, saying, “Bobby Malm, You’re Amazing.”

Well, yes. It is amazing that perjury is okay for Episcopal clergy. And it’s amazing that Alternative Paths Training School thinks it’s okay for Lindsey Malm Anders to work with special needs kids with behavioral issues.

But most amazing of all is the notion that someone like Bob Malm can be considered an exemplary priest, despite being a perjurer, a bully, and feckless in the extreme.

Below, an example of the childish conduct that arises from growing up in the Malm household. Or maybe it’s a result of attending Tabor Academy. Or both.

And below, we have Bob’s written perjury:

Tellingly, elsewhere Bob Malm contradicts himself, claiming that the language of the blogs changed, with Mom’s blog allegedly becoming “threatening and violent.”

So which is it, Bob?

Bob Malm, perjuring priest.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Check it Out: Online Hatred From “Lisa G”

Check it out: More childish, hateful, homophobic online behavior on Fairfax Underground from user “Lisa G.,” a Grace church groupie.

Know any Lisa G’s at the church? The only one I know is Lisa G. Medley, who already has been called “childish and hateful” over at The Wartburg Watch, when she and Leslie Malm posted in response to one of Dee’s posts about my situation. In that case, both got called out for being liars.

Of course, that’s the great things about Fairfax Underground. Decades from now, folks can see for themselves how people at Grace Church talk to each other. They can then use this information to decide whether they wish to be involved with Grace Episcopal, aka St. Dysfunction.

Recent post:

Earlier post:

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Another Amusing Post Over at Fairfax Underground

Another amusing post has appeared on Fairfax Underground; this one pokes fun at Bob Malm’s claims I didn’t serve as a police officer. Check it out.

Oh, and before the Dysfunctional Bob/Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow smear campaign machine gets going again, let me be absolutely clear: I am not the author of the meme or post in question. So spare me the BS about how references to Bob’s accident are an implied threat. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

See for Yourself: Commenter on Fairfax Underground Agrees that Bob Malm’s Claims that My Blogging Terrifies Him Are False

As if Dysfunctional Bob’s written statement against interest that his wife and daughter take this conflict far too seriously weren’t damning enough, we now have a commenter on Fairfax Underground who reports that no one cares about my posts. See for yourself.

Could it be that Episcopal priest Bob Malm and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow are bold-faced liars?

Friday, July 27, 2018

Comment from Fairfax Underground

Just saw the following posting, clearly from someone connected with Grace Church.

Why do I get the feeling that Bob Malm’s daughter Lindsey is the poster?

This  sort of invective further proves my point: If you’re looking for Christianity, you won’t find it with Bob Malm or St. Dysfunction Episcopal Church, aka Grace Church.

Friday, June 1, 2018

See for Yourself: Defamation Per Se By Leslie Malm

For obvious reasons, I have zero interaction with Leslie Malm, and I refuse to be baited by her on public fora. That said, she certainly could stand with some legal advice as to the meaning of the phrase, “defamation per se.” Maybe Jeff Chiow would be so kind. Indeed, a discussion about punitive damages, and the fact that she is not covered by the church’s D&O policy, would not be untoward.

Below is a specific example from Fairfax Underground, in which she refers to me as a “stalker” in a conversation with a third party. Having not had any communication with Leslie since 2014, her comments are, at best, a reckless disregard for the truth, and thus legally actionable.

Nor can writing about someone on this on any other blog or publication constitute “stalking.” If that were the case, The Donald would successfully have sued CNN long ago. Think about it.

It’s called the First Amendment. I am guessing Leslie missed that part of school, along with the relevant second grade English classes.

Friday, March 9, 2018

More Misinformation from Leslie Malm

Just saw a recent post from Leslie Malm over at Fairfax Underground. In it, she makes two false assertions of fact:

1) That I claim Mom is writing both blogs. The reality is that she only writes hers. I take full responsibility for my blog and do so proudly.

2) That I told SGT Salas of the Alexandria police department that Mom’s blog is actually my own. The reality is I said no such thing; indeed, Salas’ comeback was, “Well, lots of people think the blog is yours,” to which I replied, “They can think whatever they want.”

Despite her shaky track record when it comes to veracity, you at least have to give this much to Leslie Malm: She at least does not try to provide false information under the handle, “a long-time parishioner.”

By the way, for the record, my opposition to Bob stops when he cleans up his act. No lying, no bullying, no shunning. That goes for me and my Mom.