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Friday, February 28, 2020

Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow: A Painful Lack of Common Sense

You have to hand it to Bob Malm, Sugarland Chiow, the Grace vestry and the diocese: None of them have half the common sense God gave a goat. Not Christian ethics, not Christ-like behavior. Just good old-fashioned common sense, like don’t stick your finger in a light socket. Or don’t dive into a swimming pool if you’re not sure there’s water in it. Or don’t wander around in the dark if you don’t know where the stairs are.

Specifically, I’m thinking of my conflict with Bob Malm. Both Bob and the parish would have been far better off had Bob heeded my July 2014 warning to quit the fun and games. Or if they had taken me up on my offer in 2015 to settle our dispute in exchange for nothing more than an agreement to leave me alone; through Sugarland, Bob refused my offer.

Then there’s the matter of our previous ceasefire. Bob specifically agreed that he understood that our agreement only extended to me. Not to Mike, not to Mom, not to others. Yet in no time flat he was back to his fun and games, trying to manipulate people on all fronts.

Then there’s the matter of Bob Malm’s perjury. Did he really think that was going to work? His daughter Lindsey allegedly called the police over a post on Fairfax Underground that she didn’t like, and next thing you know Bob has pulled the parish in right behind Lindsey. Smooth move, Bob.

Then we got to Sugarland’s inflammatory rhetoric and courtroom fabrications. Because court filings generally are open to public inspection, much of that is now a public record, available for all the world to see. Did he really think calling me a “domestic terrorist” was going to help the church? Folks seeing that sort of nonsense wind up rolling their eyes and heading for a church with a slightly more, um, Christian ethos. Or leaving church altogether.

And of course the diocese has trashed its own reputation by claiming that clergy perjury is okay unless criminal charges are involved. Facially amoral positions such as this make clear that the diocese is nothing but a badly run nonprofit. Same for the blind eye the diocese turned towards Bob Malm and his efforts to drag a dying woman into court. Did anyone really think that would end well for Bob, the parish or diocese?

In short, there’s nothing even arguably Christian about Bob, the parish or the diocese. One has only to look at their conduct to realize that the Episcopal church is morally bankrupt and mired in the filth of its own hypocrisy. As a result, I predict that, absent a sea change, the forecast that TEC will have no Sunday worshippers in 30 years will come true much sooner for Grace Episcopal and the diocese.

There’s simply no longer any good reason to be a member of The Episcopal Church. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

COPD and Stress: Thanks Bob and Jeff

As Mom struggles with even basic tasks, like bathing herself, washing her hair, and other things that we take for granted, one of the things she, her doctor and I must watch out for are “exacerbations.” With COPD, the downhill progression of the disease is marked by these sudden flare-ups, and each time the post-recovery baseline is set a little lower. Typically, a cardiac event or exacerbation is what causes death.

There is a well-known correlation between stress and exacerbations. In addition, stress, anxiety, and depression are almost universal in end-stage COPD patients.

In Mom’s case, the efforts by Dysfunctional Bob and Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow to try to drag her into court have caused both extensive anxiety and several flare-ups.

So, if you had any doubt whatsoever as to the ethics and Christian values — whether of Bob and Jeff, the vestry, or Grace Church itself — their willingness to hound a dying woman speaks more loudly than any other testimony that they could offer. And Jeff’s blatant bullcrap about how Mom was getting around in February conveniently ignores a basic reality of COPD called, “incurable progressive disease.”

In other words, Jeff and Bob are not just lacking in Christian values, they also are incredibly stupid if they assume Mom’s condition hasn’t worsened since last February, both due to the passage of time and their own conduct.

If there is a hell, there surely is a special place in it for clergy, lawyers, vestry members and churches that bully the dying, and for diocesan officials who turn a blind eye to that conduct.

I surely hope Bob’s mother didn’t have to deal with assholes like these two as she was dying.

Friday, August 10, 2018

COPD, Depression and Anxiety: Further Information on Bob Malm’s Stunning Ethical Deficit

As Bob Malm’s attorney Jeff Chiow loudly carries on about his legal ethics, both he and client Bob Malm face one incontrovertible fact: Trying to drag my mom into court for a deposition carries with it serious ethical implications.

For example, the vast majority of end-stage COPD patients suffer from anxiety and depression, with 66 percent experiencing panic attacks. These symptoms appear to correlate both with physical issues, including dyspnea (shortness of breath), erratic sleep patterns, and with several specific sources of anxiety. The latter include awareness of death, fear of suffocation, separation anxiety, and fear of suffering. Regrettably, medical literature suggests that treating physicians frequently fail to adequately treat these issues, with some regarding depression in particular as part of the grieving process associated with knowledge of impending death.

Notably, perceptions of dyspnea both cause anxiety and depression, and emanate from dyspnea. Thus, a vicious cycle may come into play that further interferes with the ability to perform daily life functions.

So, in situations such as this, efforts to (to use Jeff Chiow’s language) “compel” a terminally ill patient to participate in civil litigation are not something to be taken lightly. And with Bob Malm, Jeff Chiow, Bishop Shannon Johnston and Bishop Susan Goff all aware that mom is suffering from end-stage COPD, you’d think that one of the bunch would consider the ethical and moral implications, wouldn’t you?

Of course, you’d be wrong. After all, this is St. Dysfunction Episcopal Church aka Grace Episcopal Church, where such things aren’t even a factor. They aren’t a factor for Dysfunctional Bob. They aren’t a factor for Jeff Chiow.

Nor are they a factor for The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Lots of lip service and bragging about social justice, marching in Charlottesville and other hoo-ha, but when the rubber meets the road there is absolutely zero substance.

For those interested in learning more about the psychological and emotional suffering experienced by end-stage COPD patients, a good starting point can be found here.