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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

BUSTED: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Caught Lying to Bishop!

Episcopal priest Bob Malm

Check it out: In perjuring priest Bob Malm’s court filings, he PROVES conclusively that he lied to bishop Shannon Johnston. Yup, this comes directly from his own court filings, and is an email he sent to the bishop.

Specifically, he claims that I left RPJ Housing prior to coming to Grace. As he well knows, that is a boldfaced lie:
  • I hired Kelly while a member of Grace Church, and based largely on her mother’s comment that they could really use the money, as Kelly had not worked for an extended period of time.
  • Bob Malm discussed issues involving Kelly Gable and RPJ Housing with Elizabeth Legere in January 2014, and with Kelly Gable and me. 
  • Patrick Crerar and I discussed my employment with RPJ Housing multiple times, with my even hiring a member of La Gracia following discussions with him. 
  • I hired church member Amy Barron during my time at Grace Church. Amy worked at RPJ Housing’s offices at the Church of the Covenant. 
So, if there was any doubt that Bob Malm is a lying POS, this should put those doubts firmly to rest. And if anyone doubts my claims, I will be more than happy to subpoena multiple witnesses who can conclusively show that I was, in fact, executive director of RPJ Housing while a member of Grace Church. So, if Bob doesn’t agree that he lied to Bishop Shannon Johnston, he should file suit for defamation. In fact, I encourage him to do so.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Lindsey Malm Anders Case Moving Forward

Earlier this morning, the Alexandria Circuit ruled on the demurrer in the Anders defamation case. The suit is moving forward for defamatory claims made within one year.

As a result, I intend to begin discovery in the next several days and may file for leave to amend as to possible additional claims involving Lindsey.

Meanwhile, work continues on materials in the case against perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Church, the clergy perjury parish.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Check it Out: Leslie Malm Falsely Claims Settlement Proposal is Somehow a Court Order

Just when we thought life on Planet Malm couldn’t get an weirder, we get news on the legal front that  takes weird to a whole new level.

In her plea of the Statute of Limitations, filed in response to my lawsuit against her for defamation, Leslie claims that the settlement proposal proferred by the church and perjuring priest Bob Malm somehow magically became part of the protection from abuse order. It did not, and the proposal has no legally binding effect upon the parties.

The reality is that I rejected the church’s settlement proposal on the spot and did not offer a counter-proposal. My reasons for doing so:

  1. I did not wish to incentivize or reward perjuring priest Bob Malm’s lies, perjury, and misrepresentations.
  2. The settlement offer contained a confidentiality provision. Church abuse experts regard such provisions as themselves inherently abusive, for they prohibit victims of abuse from sharing their experiences and warning others. In the past several years, the Catholic church has seen such provisions knocked down in the courts and legislatures repeatedly.
  3. The settlement offer was the antithesis of Christian conduct and included zero provisions for accountability on the part of perjuring priest Bob Malm or the parish.
  4. Perjuring priest Bob Malm, as we have seen in his defamatory email to Bishop Shannon (including his outright lie about the timing of my arrival at Grace Church), like many at Grace Church, engages in much of his manipulation behind the scenes. Thus, the settlement proposal’s requirements for the church were illusory, for it would have only addressed public disparagement.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Protests Set to Increase This Fall

Over the past few months, I’ve only protested a few times. Reasons for this include respect for the lockdown. Plus the move to virtual services at Grace brings most church activity online—a forum in which I already have a robust presence.

That said, with the advent of cooler weather, it’s time to resume picketing in front of the church and at major intersections in Alexandria. If nothing else, it’s good practice for when the next rector arrives!

With that in mind, I’ve added additional signage per the below. A nice reminder of the currents that swirl right beneath the friendly facade of Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish!

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: More Evidence It’s Toxic

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Here’s another good one, allegedly from Lisa Gardner.

By way of background, Lisa’s father is a member of St. John’s, Hingham Massachusetts, where former Grace members Peter and Cheryl Barnes now are members. Lisa is friends with Bob and Leslie Malm and Lisa Medley—which right there speaks volumes.

Of course, Lisa’s lies are consistent with other conduct from Grace Church, including Bob Malm’s perjury. And there’s no sign that anyone at Grace Church objects to this behavior or repudiates it.

So if you are looking for a church, or you are applying for the rector position, just know that this sort of conduct is part and parcel of life at Grace Church. And the larger Episcopal Church. In fact, falsely accusing folks of domestic violence is nothing for folks at Grace Church — after all, it’s even okay to urge people to commit suicide and to falsely accuse them of embezzlement.

Welcome to Sugarland! And welcome to the church that 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm produced!

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Monday, August 3, 2020

More Legal News

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

I recently made the decision not to pursue the lawsuit against Grace Episcopal, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and Susan Goff.

My reasons are myriad and include strategic and tactical components. Because there are still five lawsuits under way, it’s not appropriate to go into all the reasons. But it is fair to note that the decision will allow me to more fully focus time and attention on the other cases.

Moreover, it’s fair to conclude that perjuring priest Bob Malm will attempt, like Kelly Motormouth Gable, to shelter from individual liability by claiming that he was acting within the scope of his employment as rector of Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. So it is not exactly like the parish gets a pass, and discovery, which will undoubtedly include various vestry members, current and previous clergy, church and school staff, and more, should prove interesting. Indeed, if the past is precursor to the future, we will see many more ugly skeletons emerge from the bowels of the church; one can always count on the good Christians of the parish for ugly gossip, speculation, and commentary. In fact, it would come as no surprise to discover additional fraudulent concealment on the part of the parish, Sugarland Chiow, and perjuring priest Bob Malm.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

BREAKING: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Goes to Court on Monday

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
Perjuring priest Bob Malm goes to court in an effort to defend
his efforts to drag a dying woman into court

On Monday, perjuring priest Bob Malm gets to explain why he thought it was okay, in violation of state law, to try to drag a dying woman into court for depositions.

Keep in mind that, by that point, Mom was in palliative care, needed oxygen 24/7, was incontinent, unable to have speak for more than a few minutes, and suffering debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

At issue is the fact that Pennsylvania does not permit discovery in protection from abuse cases absent prior leave of court. This is expressly established by statute set forth at  231 Pa. Code § 1930.5.

In the case of perjuring priest Bob Malm, he made no effort to obtain prior leave of court. Indeed, even after opposing counsel notified perjuring priest Bob Malm of the issue in court, perjuring priest Bob Malm continued to harangue the court, arguing that he had not had an opportunity to be heard, that its decision was unfair, and more. Meanwhile, the law is clear: No discovery absent prior leave of court. None.

Of course, there’s also the question of what kind of jackrabbit goes after a dying woman? Most people would think twice, and one imagines that a priest would have serious qualms. But not perjuring priest Bob Malm or Sugarland Chiow.

And that illustrates why it is so very important to share information about Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. In this toxic system, that sort of conduct is okay. To this day, I have yet to see any sign that anyone on the vestry had any objections. Nor did Susan Goff or Shannon Johnston.

So, before you get involved at Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, this is how the church puts the baptismal covenant’s promise to respect the dignity of every living being into practice. In fact, it was shortly before this that Mom had to have one of her beloved little dogs put to sleep, which left her crying for days, painfully reminded of her own imminent death.

Now, on Monday, we will get to see perjuring priest Bob Malm — and by extension, Grace Episcopal  Alexandria — try to avoid accountability in the courts. And it is telling that one has to go to court to get perjuring priest Bob Malm or Grace Episcopal Alexandria to act with any sort of integrity.

Proof that Grace Episcopal is a sad, dysfunctional, toxic and dying church.

Friday, July 31, 2020

More on Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Failure to Comply With Pandemic Safety Laws, Guidelines

Having known perjuring priest Bob Malm for a number of years, I’m prepared to bet on his response to my allegations that he has disregarded diocesan and state requirements to ensure safety during the pandemic; perjuring priest Bob Malm likely told parishioners that he wasn’t aware. But that excuse doesn’t cut it.

Here is what the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has to say on this topic:

Bob Malm, perjuring priest

“Clergy and lay leaders are to be well-informed about these directives.”

So why do we keep seeing St. Gabriel’s being one step behind the times when it comes to compliance? Accessing information is not exactly challenging. And these are life and death issues of safety for the very people who make up the church.

And again, why is perjuring priest Bob Malm not wearing a face mask? Isn’t he supposed to lead by example?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Petition Seeking Independent Investigation of Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Passes 18,000 Signatures

Even as the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and Bishop Susan “No Charges, No Foul” Goff continue to insist that they will only address clergy misconduct if criminal charges are brought, my petition demanding an independent investigation and meaningful results based on that investigation continues to motor along.

As of a few minutes ago, we passed the 18,000 signatures mark, and we continue to garner signatures as we move to 20,000 signatures and beyond.

Awareness on is particularly important due to the underlying demographics. With a total of more than 50 million users, the majority of whom are in the 35-44 age cohort, animal rights, human rights (including BLM and LGBTQIA+), and general social justice issues loom large for users. Thus, there is a strong alignment with the values that The Episcopal Church allegedly espouses.

As a result, the diocese’s continued defense of perjury and other misconduct by Bob Malm is fast undercutting its reputation with future generations. That is appropriate, for any church that can say with a straight face that it will only deal with criminal conduct if there are criminal charges is a church only in name. But Susan Goff and the other fat cats at Mayo House are determined to ride the TEC gravy train off into retirement, secure in their generous retirement plan, and utterly indifferent to the effect that their conduct is having on those they falsely claim to care about.

To think that when I started my petition I was hoping to get maybe 300 signatures.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Of Clergy and Contracts: What Grace Church Needs to Know Before it Hires the Next Rector

At this point, one thing is abundantly clear. Not only was hiring perjuring priest Bob Malm a major mistake, but the terms and conditions of his employment exacerbated the situation. That raises the question: How can the vestry avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

Let’s start with the selection process. One of the things that went wrong when perjuring priest Bob Malm was hired was that the selection committee went for the bright, shiny penny. With a degree from Yale, what some say are good looks, full-time experience with the Anglo-Catholic arm of the church, good preaching skills, and an uncanny ability to tell people what they want to hear, Bob Malm looked good both on paper and in person.

But the church might do better with the well-worn dollar bill that’s been in circulation for a while. Far better to have a priest who’s an average preacher, but works her backside off and genuinely loves God and other people, than the bright shiny penny that decamps to the beach for a month every summer and considers this a God-given right as he recuperates from the grueling work of playing golf every weekend.

Speaking of, the selection committee should be highly alert to possible narcissists as candidates. Most of the evidence suggests that at least 30 percent of clergy are narcissists, and the last thing that the parish needs is a narcissist in the role. So it would be wise to read everything out there on this issue and inwardly digest the material. In the meantime, be alert to the candidate who is too good to be true, who appears polished, poised, articulate and very “put together.” Remember, the store front is not the store, and you are looking for someone whose “store” is full of treasure, not the person whose storefront was metaphorically designed by I.M. Pei, but utterly decayed and empty once you step inside. You need a servant leader, not a matinee idol.

On a related note, it is difficult to dig too deeply when vetting candidates. In Bob’s case, there were some warning signs that were not picked up. Per Bob himself, one of his parishioners at his church in Portsmouth ran for the vestry solely in order to “see what you’re going to do to our church.” While I have the advantage of hindsight, and while there will always be naysayers in every church, seemingly minor criticisms like this should be taken seriously and, if possible, responded to with follow-up questions like, “Why do you say that? What specifically are your concerns?” If I remember correctly, the parishioner who said this was an old guy at the time, but he was remarkably insightful, and I believe he spotted the warning signs early on. So the selection committee is well advised to ask, ask, ask and ask some more. Yes, there is the issue of confidentiality, but with less than 2 million members, the church is small enough that there is lots of feedback out there.

Once a finalist is selected, it’s important to lay the groundwork for success via structure and framework. This includes making it crystal clear that, other than selection of the senior warden, there are no circumstances in which the rector gets to choose the executive committee. That is a vestry decision, and The Episcopal Church is a representative democracy, not a monarchy. In fact, were this a US election, this would be election rigging, and would be treated as a felony.

It’s also clear that, thanks to a compromised vestry, there was damned little oversight of perjuring priest Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow. Both caused severe and lasting reputational damage to the parish, and the role of the vestry was confined largely to rocking back, nodding in sage agreement, and letting things play out. And Bob played that for all he was worth, for when he wanted air cover, he put issues in front of the vestry. But when he wanted something inappropriate, like to force Mike out of the parish, he sought no counsel from the vestry. So clear written guidelines should be established regarding engaging in legal action, criteria for dropping individuals from church membership rolls (already set forth in the canons, BTW), and more. (One suggestion: No volunteer attorneys. Just like the priest whose doctor is a member of the parish, there is an inherent boundary issue and conflict of interest, and Sugarland’s spectacularly ill-advised conduct illustrates the problems that can and will arise when using volunteer litigation counsel. The fact that, to this day, Sugarland doesn’t appear to have any issues with his conduct illustrates just how toxic this paradigm can be.)

One way to deal with these issues is to require and enforce a contractual provision mandating a mutual ministry review on at least an annual basis. Those are not the same as performance reviews, and the vestry should conduct one at least twice a year, in writing, with the full vestry involved.  These provisions need to be incorporated into a letter of agreement and need to result in meaningful action. In other words, if clergy do not fulfill their letter of agreement, including but not limited to taking leave in excess of that permitted under the agreement, the rector needs to be held accountable. That includes, if need be, a parting of the ways.

The vestry also should insist on a strategic plan, in writing, with measurable, verifiable steps towards specific results. Thus, the usual hoo-ha involving things like, “Follow the Holy Spirit,” doesn’t count. “Growing the budget by 10 percent” does.

Speaking of, it is essential that the church learn how to deal appropriately with conflict. Unfortunately, the diocese and vestry have largely taken a pass on that during the transition process, with the result that this will fall to the nest rector, who may or may not be willing and able to make this happen. But outside experts need to be brought in, and there should be written normative behaviors. The mobbing, bullying, gossip and defamation are out of control, and if they are not addressed Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, will be gone sooner rather than later. I’d add that people need to learn to talk to each other, not about each other. One way to accomplish this is to establish written norms. A good set has been developed by the diocese of Southern Virginia and can be found in PDF here. (Before you dismiss this out of hand, this is a church that is so sick that members think it’s okay to urge others to commit suicide. Not to mention publicly disclosing confidential giving and more.)

On a related note, the parish needs to make peace with those it has hurt. Too often, churches treat past conflict as water over the damn, and simply try to move on. But until church members know what it is like to make restitution and engage in real peacemaking, they will never understand the heavy cost that the church pays when clergy and members engage in misconduct. That is not to say that everyone it has hurt can or will be willing to be part of the process; my mother went to her grave loathing perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish. Similarly, Mike is absolutely unwilling to be part of any such conversation. But the effort needs to be made whenever possible.

The vestry also needs to be involved fully in governance. All members should see a real annual audit and engagement letter (NOT an AUP), and work to implement solutions recommended by the auditors. Similarly, with the school representing 2/3 of annual budget and expenses, the vestry needs to see school minutes, budgets, and financials. Yes, I get that there should be some independence from the parish, but vestry members do not fulfill their fiduciary duty when they are not involved at all. (Ironically, perjuring priest Bob Malm offered to include the school in his settlement proposal. Remind me again how the school got involved, please.) And there should be a written personnel manual, a finance manual (the latter is required by the canons), and formal training opportunities for staff.  No one wants to work for a church that simply draws on skills, without doing anything to build them.

There needs to be transparency.That means publishing real budget numbers, including salaries, and treating the vestry as a full missional partner. Ironically, by trying to be all clever and sneaky, many parishioners imagined, for example, that perjuring priest Bob Malm earned more than he actually did. And failure to include line item detail resulted in Richard Newman getting overpaid for many months, and having to repay those funds. While I cannot prove it, I am convinced that Bob Malm tried to pay Richard more than had been approved by the vestry, and got his tail caught in the wringer when Jeff Aaron spotted the issue and brought it up. Had the latter not occurred, my belief is that Bob Malm thought no one would know the difference. And curiously, it was not long afterwards that Jeff’s relationship with perjuring priest Bob Malm seemingly started heading south. Meanwhile, Richard, hardly overpaid by any measure, wound up having to repay the funds, with the result that he got thrown under the bus big time.

It also would be wise to adopt written policies regarding inclusion, bullying, and whistleblowing and more. I brought the issue of bullying up to Elizabeth Legere long ago and was brushed off, but my conflict with perjuring priest Bob Malm would have been resolved early on had there been a written framework for doing so. Regrettably, the diocese is okay even with perjury, and the vestry and wardens at Grace under perjuring priest Bob Malm were paper tigers, despite the requirements the canons impose on both. (Speaking of, all involved should read the canons. Wardens have an express responsibility, for example, to be involved with the performance of staff. Perjuring priest Bob Malm may have refused to deal with those issues, but they are not ones that can be ignored.)

Tenure also is important, and it is not without good reason that rectors stay on average seven years. Staying too long may engender feelings that the parish is the rector’s, while causing burnout. Indeed, perjuring priest Bob Malm had said in writing at year 20 that he was ready to move on, but the issue appears to have been that no parish or organization out there was willing to shell out 200K a year. In other words, this was a bad case of the golden handcuffs. That was exacerbated by the profoundly foolish decision in 2014 to gift away 100K of the loan the church made to Bob in exchange for a de facto agreement to stay five years. Leaving aside the fact that this caused problems for both sides, at no point in time should any church staff garner a bonus of 100K. People give money to the church to be used for the glory of God, not to line perjuring priest Bob Malm’s pockets.

It also would be good to spend the first few years with a priest in charge, so that both sides can size the other up. Believe it or not, Grace will be no slice of paradise for whoever is next, and many will feel that any rector who does her job isn’t exactly heaven-sent, either. Formalizing review and assessment will prevent the usual Grace antics of the altar guild and choir ganging up on someone with whom they have issues, while priest-in-charge status allows either side to opt out if things are not a fit.

This also is an appropriate pivot point for the relationship with the bishops. Grace will not succeed absent appropriate support from the bishops, and the diocese’s past practice of sitting in splendid silence in the antebellum heap of Mayo House has been profoundly unhelpful. Written guidelines would help both sides engage in a more effective manner. And while most conflict can and should be resolved locally, there will be times when the diocese needs to be the neutral arbiter. Again, these guidelines need to be in writing, for the diocese has, in the past, shown itself to have a very short memory. Indeed, Pat Wingo offered that Susan Goff could help resolve any conflicts that came up after perjuring priest Bob Malm and I negotiated our ceasefire, but when I reached out to her for that very reason she took a pass in writing. That, of course, was when things went to hell in a hand-basket.

It’s also important not to panic. It is entirely possible, especially given the mess that perjuring priest Bob Malm leaves behind, that no viable candidate emerges in the first round. That’s okay, and it will happen when it happens. But the advice one hears in dating is spot on: Don’t look for Mr. Right. Be Mr. Right. Thus, Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, has a lot of work to do, and it needs to get cracking. Indeed, as things stand, I am not sure the parish can or will survive, if for no other reason than it has neither the introspection nor the backbone to engage in self-examination.

Right now, Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish is what the canon to the ordinary unhelpfully describes as “damaged goods.” That may or may not change, but the only way for it to change is for folks at Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, to take a long hard look at the church and their own actions, take things seriously, then ACT.

As one wit said long ago, “I am all for the Kingdom of God. But being Episcopal, I’d prefer that it come about without any unpleasant changes.”

Friday, July 17, 2020

Splitting: Key to Understanding Grace Episcopal, the Clergy Perjury Parish

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

I recently read Chuck DeGroat’s excellent book, “When Narcissism Comes to Church.” A worthy read, it will help even the casual person-in-the-pew understand the toxic paradigm that is Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. (Candidates for rector: Read this post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

As Chuck says in his book, one of the keys to spotting church narcissism is recognizing the larger psychological construct known as splitting. This does not involve King Solomon’s baby, but rather is the situation in which people — and organizations — compartmentalize and fail to integrate contradictory aspects of their behavior.

For example, someone who engages in splitting may be kind and friendly one minute, yet belligerent and hostile moments later if you express a view different from his. Yet he likely views himself as just kind and friendly, conveniently omitting any reference to his hostile behavior.

Similarly, an organization that engages in splitting may consider itself friendly, inclusive and welcoming, yet engage in relational aggression if, for example, someone orders the wrong flowers for a particular Sunday. Or changes the locks on a door. Or criticizes the rector.

And so it is with Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish. Folks observe bullying by the rector, the altar guild, and the choir, yet fail to integrate these behaviors with the notion that Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. In the case of the rector, folks either deny Bob’s perjury and other misconduct, or simply refuse to deal with it. “Well, he’s a friendly guy, and he married us,” is a familiar refrain. Similarly, Jean Reed and others can babble on about being “servants of Christ,” while turning a blind eye to profoundly un-Christian behavior in the parish. In short, splitting is not only endemic at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. It’s the key to understanding the whole toxic crock of goo.

So how might you spot organizational narcissism at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish? It’s actually easy to see, with the advantage of some distance. Appearing in myriad contexts, it ranges from comments like, “We do everything big,” (referring to the choir loft project), to the whole concept of Grace being the only full-time Anglo-Catholic parish in the diocese, to the fawning over the building. (Of course, even there, one can see splitting. People fawn over the building, while severely under-funding maintenance and repair.) And it is splitting that allows the empty triumphalism you see at Grace, including perjuring priest Bob Malm saying (with no trace of irony), “At Grace, we practice true religion.”

Even when perjuring priest Bob Malm was interviewing for the position of rector, there were signs of organizational narcissism. For example, upon touring the building, Bob allegedly said, “This. This is a sacred place.”

Nice concept, but any place where bullying is okay, clergy engage in perjury with the blessing of the bishop, and try to drag the dying into court in violation of state law is anything but holy, no matter how many Sunday services it holds. In other words, we are seeing splitting, and its equally evil twin, denial.

Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s purported comment also underscores narcissism in action. Narcissists invariably seek praise and adoration, and they obtain it via their behavior and conduct. Thus, Bob may praise your church building, tell you that you’re a great vestry member, hug you, or tell you how much he appreciates your help. But none of these mean anything, and perjuring priest Bob Malm is very willing to turn right around and throw you, your church, and everything you have done for him under the bus.

Consider: If perjuring priest Bob Malm really is a holy person, and really thinks Grace Church, the clergy perjury parish, is a holy place, why the tear-down of the rectory? Why the month away every summer? Why the indifference to the church’s temporal affairs? Surely a holy person would want his purportedly beloved holy place/employer to be well cared-for. In normal thinking, that would be the case, but drop narcissism and splitting into the mix, and perjuring priest Bob Malm can tell people with no sense of irony that he is a great supervisor, even while  objective criteria suggest a different conclusion. Yes, I have heard him say that.

Similarly, an narcissistic organization like Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, is friendly. People are outgoing. To use Leslie Steffensen’s phrase, the church welcomes you with open arms. But because it engages in splitting, it doesn’t have an issue with Bob Malm forcing Mike out of the denomination he joined 16 months earlier. Or Kirk Steffensent threatening Mike’s job. Or the altar guild engaging in bullying/mobbing. Or John Cunningham leaving due to his perceptions of bullying and bad behavior in the church. Myriad additional examples exist.

Relatedly, perjuring priest Bob Malm had an amazing ability to identify others who could engage in narcissistic splitting. For example, Sugarland Chiow was quick to challenge what he said was my impugning his integrity. Yet one has only to read his ugly, inflammatory pleadings, his invention of fictional places and events, or his willingness to violate state law in order to try to depose a dying woman to conclude that one does not need to impugn Sugarland’s ethics — his conduct speaks for itself.  Yet Jeff claims to be a Christian, and evinces no understanding of why his conduct might make others question his ethics.

Of course, Kelly Gable’s conduct is similar. She does not consider it laughably ironic to claim that someone who helped her out with a job is an embezzler, based on her purported first-hand experience, all the while claiming that she has “forgiven” him.

There’s even splitting evident in Sugarland’s attempted solution to the problem, which was trying to use perjuring priest Bob Malm’s facially obvious fabrications claiming I threatened him to shut down criticism. Nice try, Sugarland, but the real problem is much closer to home. The problem is conduct within the parish, and while you might want to try to suppress voices that call out this misconduct, you’ll never succeed. Even if you had, you would have only managed to push these issues underground, versus fixing them. Nor would you have ended misconduct within the parish, for true to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm would have simply reverted to his usual behind-the-scenes manipulation, lying, and smear campaigns.

In fact, Sugarland Chiow, perjuring priest Bob Malm, and Kelly Motormouth Gable have done an admirable job of damaging Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. So much so that it is not clear to me that the church will survive their collective misconduct. Congrats folks—you’ve gone above and beyond in your efforts to close a church that predates the civil war, and absent professional intervention, the damage that you done will continue for years to come. But thanks to the wonders of narcissistic splitting, you don’t see any issue with your conduct.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

But the consummate example of splitting is the young parishioner who posted on Fairfax Undergorund, urging me to commit suicide. Why? Because she wanted to come to the defense of her mother, who had posted what she thought was details of my giving to the parish online. (True to form, she got the details wrong.) And she wanted to come to the defense of her church, Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish.

True to form, she does not see any inconsistency between her professed faith and her conduct.

In closing, in his book, Chuck DeGroat notes that narcissistic organizations often continue their narcissistic, toxic conduct after a narcissistic leader leaves, although they may languish. Such clearly is the case with Grace Episcopal the clergy perjury parish, for it steadfastly refuses to engage in self-examination.

So if you want to understand Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, and the truly ugly state it is in, be sure to read Chuck’s book. It is available on Amazon here.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Failing to Disclose Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Misconduct Causing Lasting Harm to Grace Church and the Diocese

One of the sad things about the current situation is that neither Grace Church, nor the vestry, nor the diocese/bishops, nor the Canon to the Ordinary, understand the long-term problems that are being caused for Grace Church or the diocese by their failure to disclose Bob Malm’s misconduct. And leadership at all levels is so wedded to their approach of deny, obfuscate, cover-up, litigate, and sit in splendid silence that I don’t see any possibility that they will ever have the introspection to understand that they are destroying both Grace Church and the diocese.

Why does silence have this effect?

The answer has myriad components, but it can readily be summed up by saying that failing to disclose erodes confidence in the church at every level.

True to form, folks at Grace Church want to believe Bob Malm and his fabricated version of events. As a result, we see comments like Jean Reed’s clueless bit about how my disclosure defames Bob and the other “servants of Christ” at Grace. But true servants of Christ don’t commit perjury. They don’t try to drag dying women into court in violation of state law. They don’t lie repeatedly to their bishop. They don’t engage in personal vendettas in court against people who criticize them. They don’t urge others to commit suicide.

Even more importantly, real Christians bring light to the darkness. They resist injustice and oppression. They tell the truth, even when it’s not easy to do so. Unlike Bob Malm, they don’t respond to concerns with, “Why should I give a fuck?!” (Yes, there were witnesses.)

What makes the situation even more sad is that there are leaders at Grace Church who know enough about change management to understand they dilemma they face, but they simply are not taking action. These include Elizabeth Legere and Tracy Enger. Similarly, assistant Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson and Canon Mary Thorpe both should know better, based on their training and professional experiences.

I’d also be prepared to bet that, if we discuss an out of court settlement, the first thing the diocese will insist on will be NOT admitting liability. The second will be confidentiality. Thus, true to form, the diocese will not follow a Christian model of healing, but a corporate model. (For the record, the latter is not going to fly with me. For once, the diocese is either going to conduct itself as a group of Christians, or I will hold it fully accountable at law. And if the church manages to win in court, that will be just that much more evidence that there is nothing Christian about Grace Church or the diocese, and I will share that with the world. The evidence is already there for the diocese and all the world to see: Bob Malm is a perjurer. Pure and simple. He committed his perjury as rector of Grace Church, and with the full knowledge and express approval of Bishop Susan Goff.

The screen caps below are from the Rev. Robin Hammeal-Urban’s excellent book, “Wholeness After Betrayal: Restoring Trust In the Wake of Misconduct.” Robin serves as canon for mission integrity in the Diocese of Connecticut, and is considered possibly TEC’s leading authority on dealing with clergy misconduct. Her book, referenced elsewhere on this blog, is excellent; so much so that I sent copies to Shannon Johnston, Pat Wingo, and Caroline Parkinson.

Ironically, the diocese’s response to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s misconduct has been a virtual how-not-to, when compared to the best practices Robin details in her book. Regrettably, it is doubtful that any diocesan officials have read the book, for they have made no changes or improvements in their handling of disciplinary complaints, and continue to this day to make a hash out of things. Indeed, one former canon to the ordinary from EDOW noted the profound lack of training evinced by diocesan staff on handling misconduct and urged that they get additional training. Her recommendations were ignored. But you cannot truthfully claim to seek and serve Christ in all persons when you ignore clergy misconduct.

Clearly, DioVA does not take clergy misconduct seriously, or treat those who have experienced misconduct with respect. It would rather engage in cover-up than tell the truth. And it has done so, even in cases involving egregious sexual harassment of female church employees. (In one particularly ugly case, Bishop Shannon Johnston swept the whole thing under the rug without telling the victim, then claimed that he couldn’t discuss the matter with her as it was confidential. Very typical of my experiences with the diocese, and it is shocking and appalling that any bishop would think this is an acceptable way to handle sexual harassment of women. Or any other human being. Feel free to quote me.)

Below are screen caps from Robin’s book speaking to the problems that arise when misconduct is not disclosed, and the tendency of those in power to dismiss or write off those who bring these issues to light. Particularly relevant is the discussion about the long-term problems that arise when misconduct is not disclosed.

See for yourself.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Legal Update: Plaintiff’s Opposition to Lindsey Malm Anders’ Plea of Statute of Limitations

Attached is the plea I have filed in response to Lindsey Malm Anders’ plea of the statute of limitations. Inter alia, I note that her defamatory per se comments in which she suggests I have engaged in criminal activity are well within the one-year statute of limitations.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot to sue another individual connected with the parish in the coming days. Some of you have already figured out who it is, but I will leave specifics until suit actually is filed.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Petition Demanding Independent Investigation of Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Passes 17,000 Signatures

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

As the various court cases against perjuring priest Bob Malm, clergy perjury parish Grace Episcopal Alexandria, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia lumber through the courts, my petition seeking an independent review of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s actions has now garnered more than 17,000 signatures.

The petition was started after Bishop Susan Goff, the Rev. Melissa Hollerith, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia said that they will only address clergy perjury if criminal charges are brought. That’s right—it’s the Wild, Wild West in Virginia, where any sort of conduct is okay for Episcopal clergy as long as they don’t get caught. Child molesters, embezzlers, murderers, all are okay as Episcopal clergy under this standard, as long as the police don’t charge you.

Of course, the fact that Susan Goff and the rest of the Mayo House crowd can say this with a straight face speaks volumes about the current state of The Episcopal Church. Famously inclusive, the denomination welcomes you with open arms. You just need to decide if a church where criminal conduct is okay for clergy is really the church for you.

And while you’re at it, think about whether a church that urges others to commit suicide, sues its members, subpoenas the dying, calls its critics “domestic terrorists,” makes false statements of law and fact in its courtroom pleadings, invents nonexistent places and events when it goes to court, and turns a blind eye to harassment, bullying, and misuse of funds is really a good place for you and your family.

It’s not.

And if you are concerned about social justice and making the world a more fair and just place, now is the time to withhold your support from The Episcopal Church. Any church where it’s okay to go after a dying woman, or to urge others to commit suicide, is not worthy of your support.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

LEGAL UPDATE: Plaintiff’s Opposition to Kelly Gable’s Plea of Statute of Limitations

In response to the Kelly Gable’s Plea of Statute of Limitations, I have prepared the document that follows, which outlines perjuring priest Bob Malm’s efforts to conceal the fact that he lied to Bishop Shannon Johnston when he republished Kelly Gable’s defamatory per se email in which she alleged that I embezzled funds from RPJ Housing. In his email, perjuring priest Bob Malm falsely claimed that my departure from RPJ Housing occured before I came to Grace Church.

At issue is the fact that Virginia law ordinarily imposes a one-year statute of limitations in defamation cases. The courts may toll the statute, however, when as here the tort in question has been intentionally concealed.

Motions court is preliminarily scheduled for July 10, but I will be out of town for the Pennyslvania hearing against perjuring priest Bob Malm. My suggestion to opposing counsel therefore is to schedule motions court hearing for July 24, when I have scheduled the hearing on my Motion to Amend my lawsuit against perjuring priest Bob Malm.

The following is in PDF.

Plaintiff’s Repsonse to Defendant’s Plea of Statute of Limitations

Next Up: Pennsylvania Lawsuit

This week will be a busy one with various minor tasks relating to litigation, including the change of venue in the lawsuit against Kelly Motormouth Gable, and sundry other motions court issues. I’ll also be preparing for the hearing in the Pennsylvania case, in which perjuring priest Bob Malm is being sued for the legal fees associated with his ultra vires subpoena of my mother, who was then terminally ill.

At the heart of the matter is Pennsylvania law, which forbids subpoenas in protective order cases absent prior leave of court. True to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm didn’t bother to seek leave of court, and so wasted a lot of time and money for all involved when he tried to drag Mom into court.

The great irony in all of this is, had he managed to pull off his little stunt, Bob would have either had to try to get a court to impose sanctions on a dying woman or face the prospect of Mom, propped up in a wheelchair and medicated with morphine, being wheeled into the courthouse. All of which is to say that he probably should be glad he didn’t get his wish — he would have looked like a bigger jackass than is already the case.

But hey — Bob Malm and denizens of Planet Malm love Jesus.

Yeah, right.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Litigation Update: General District Motions Court and Other Legal News

Motions court was today for the case involving the diocese, Bishop Goff, and the parish was today. The results were a mixed bag.

On the plus side, we had an extensive discussion about Bob Malm’s perjury, the diocese’s willingness to turn a blind eye to Bob Malm’s perjury and lies, and the fact that Bishop Goff and other church officials now want to argue the “sleeping beauty” defense. The church is all about welcome, inclusion, and the Way of Love—so what’s a little perjury among friends?

On the down side, Judge Haddock clearly did not understand the tort of abuse of process. In Bob Malm’s case, the key element is not Bob’s perjury. Rather, it is his attempt to use the protective order process as a strategic lawsuit against public participation, or SLAPP. That said, because it is not unusual for plaintiffs to have improper or mixed motives when bringing a lawsuit, the tort requires more — it requires a showing of an act not proper in the ordinary course of the proceedings.

In Bob’s case, the improper acts include, most notably, his perjury. In addition, they include his improper withholding of evidence harmful to his case during discovery, his misuse of process in Pennsylvania, and more.

The outcome was that the court sustained the church and diocese’s demurrer, but granted leave to amend my pleadings. That said, I don’t know that it’s worth the time and effort to further pursue things at the general district court.

In terms of next steps, my plan is to appeal to the circuit court, although I may file a motion for reconsideration in the meantime.

On other fronts, I transferred the defamation cases against Lindsey Anders and Leslie Malm to circuit court. Also, I met Bob’s attorney, Wayne Cyron, who seems like a genuinely good guy. I told him I have no objection to a change of venue in the suit against Kelly Gable, but will oppose a change of venue for the cases against Lindsey and Leslie. And I am working to finish up my pleadings for leave to amend to include Bob Malm’s defamation.

For the record, I am far from done. And in just a few weeks we’ll have the hearing in the Pennsylvania case.

Stay tuned! And when you hear Bishop Goff bloviating about the “way of love,” just remember: Perjury is okay.

Just don’t get convicted.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

See for Yourself: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Court Filings

As I stated previously, perjuring priest Bob Malm is now falsely claiming that he is not a perjurer. In addition, he is seeking to transfer venue in the current proceedings from Fairfax to Alexandria, and has filed a demurrer, arguing that the matter at hand should be treated as “res judicata,” or already decided.

Of course, the issue of Bob Malm’s perjury, his illegal subpoena of a dying woman, and efforts to use the protective order process as a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) have not, in fact, been decided.

See perjuring priest Bob Malm’s filings in PDF below.

Answer and Grounds of Defense

Motion to Transfer Venue

Response to Requests for Admission


Thursday, June 4, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Denies Being A Perjurer

Well, perjuring priest Bob Malm is at it again.

In response to my requests for admission, not only does perjuring priest Bob Malm deny committing perjury by claiming that my mother contacted him repeatedly, he even lies again claiming that Mike formally left Grace Church in 2015. This is a bold-faced lie, as Mike did not do so until 2017.

Let me just say this: Bob Malm is a bold-faced liar.

Further details tomorrow.