Grace Episcopal, the Clergy Perjury Parish, Is Looking to Hire Christian Formation Specialist

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Check it out! Grace Episcopal, where priests commit perjury, attorneys subpoena the dying, vestry members bully people, the vestry lies to parishioners, and the church intentionally misuses memorial donations, is looking to share the joy. Yup, it’s looking to hire a Christian formation specialist for 5-10 hours a week.

The job, which used to be full-time as the family ministry position, has a job description that is almost verbatim that of the old position. Thus, this looks to be a case of the same demands, but fewer hours and less pay. Even better, you get to try to “form” people in a toxic, dysfunctional church that refuses to be accountable for its behavior.

I’d also caution anyone applying for the position that while Anne Turner is a fair and decent employer, the parish is a narcissistic organization. Thus, this likely will be a case of “what have you done for me lately?,” marked by difficulties in setting boundaries.

And don’t be misled by that dumbo Kevin Hamilton with his inane prattling about the professionalism of the HR committee. Lisa Medley, who chairs the personnel committee, is a fat, lying, manipulative POS, and you can quote me on that. Same for Alison Campbell, Sugarland Chiow, Kelly Gable, Kemp Williams, and several of the other hypocritical, two-faced assholes who serve as “parish leaders.” They are Christians in name only, and their baleful influence is shredding Grace Church, even as they think they are are doing just great.

So before you apply, just consider: The job announcement is full of new-age babble about making each other better, but this is still a narcissistic, dysfunctional diocese with no ethical reference point.

I strongly suggest you do yourself a favor and take a pass.

Check it Out: Email to DioMass

Episcopal Church, Toxic Church

Check it out.

Earlier today I sent the attached grumpy email to the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, which refuses to deal with Bob Malm’s perjury.


Perjuring Priest Bob Malm AGAIN Lies to the Courts

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

In pleadings filed today, perjuring priest Bob Malm yet again lies to the court, telling it that:

  1. Mom’s second husband’s adult children, who married into the family after I was an adult, and most of whom I have never met, are somehow siblings of mine.
  2. My various lawsuits have been “to no avail,” thus suggesting that they are frivolous. That despite the fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm is under criminal investigation for perjury, we are early in the litigation in Massachusetts, and we are awaiting a decision in the Pennsylvania litigation. On that score, it is indisputable that perjuring priest Bob Malm tried to pull a fast one on the courts by trying to subpoena my mother in violation of PA RCP 1930.5, which expressly forbids discovery in these cases absent leave of court. In short, if I were Bob, I would be very concerned about the possibility of felony charges.

Small wonder Grace is imploding. No one wants to deal with a church that lies; a former rector who commits perjury, and multiple church attorneys who lie. That’s even the case for Sugarland Chiow, with his imaginary towns in Texas and imaginary church shootings.



Press Release

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Even as Grace Episcopal Church, located in Alexandria Virginia, preaches health, wholeness and respect for the dignity of every human being, it continues to avoid, deny, explain and defend the indefensible.

That’s the message of Eric Bonetti, plaintiff in a series of lawsuits against the church and its former rector, Robert H. Malm, after a motions court hearing in Wareham Massachusetts on Wednesday.

During the hearing, an attorney for Malm asked the court to dismiss complaints of abuse of process, defamation, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress on the basis of the state’s Anti-SLAPP statute. The latter is intended to protect freedom of speech against lawsuits that might otherwise be used to silence persons.

“That’s pretty rich, coming from Malm’s attorney,” said Bonetti. “I believe the courts will recognize that Malm’s only purpose for filing a request for a protective order was to attempt to silence me. In other words, to use the protective order system as a SLAPP.

“Moreover, I want to be very clear: Neither the First Amendment nor the state Anti-SLAPP statute extend to perjury and defamation. When Malm allegedly tells the police that I have “stalked,” “threatened” and “harassed him,” despite the fact we have had no contact in several years, it is clear that this is not protected speech. Similarly, when he tells the judge that he has not committed perjury, yet he has falsely said under oath that my late mother contacted him repeatedly to set up appointments, that is not protected speech.

“The great irony here is that it was not that long ago that Malm was telling the Grace church vestry, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ So why are the church and Bob Malm so resistant to the truth? Why not be an adult about it, admit to the truth, and accept responsibility?

“Telling the truth and being accountable are the first steps towards health and wholeness. But Grace Episcopal and the larger Episcopal church adamantly resist both.

“This makes clear to all involved that the Episcopal church is lurching into its final days,” Bonetti added. “It simply cannot continue if its only role is as a religious social club, devoid of ethical or spiritual reference points. And saying, “Well, we’re inclusive,” doesn’t mean a thing if the underlying organization is morally bankrupt.”

Bonetti is part of the first same-sex couple married at Grace church. Happily retired, he is a former attorney and now spends his days blogging, working for social justice, and hanging out at Costco, not necessarily in that order.