Bickering With the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

One of my shortcomings in litigating the current conflict is I have a bad habit of wanting to give the Episcopal Church the opportunity to fix its misconduct. Given the extent of ethical challenges in the church, that’s a lot like trying to teach the proverbial pig to sing, but I keep trying.

And so it is with my recent disciplinary case filed against perjuring priest Bob Malm in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. As expected, the Diocese tried brushing the matter off and engaging in cover-up, as accountability remains a problem at every level in the church.

Here is the diocese’s notice, followed by my response.

Proposed Diocesan Budget Zeroes Out Women in Ministry, Mental Health, and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Okay, we get that times are tough. But the proposed diocesan budget is a hot mess.

Tellingly, three areas of the budget that should be non-negotiable (and already were getting short shrift), are defunded. These include women in ministry, mental health, and sexual misconduct prevention. All three are areas already impacted by the pandemic, with sharp increases in the mental health issues in all segments of the population, while reports consistently show dramatic increases in sexual misconduct and domestics violence. In short, the pandemic has disenfranchised those already struggling for a full seat at the table, and the diocese does nothing to address these issues.

That also contrasts with the efforts of the Roman Catholic Church, which despite its myriad failings in these areas, maintains diocesan offices to ensure that church staff and volunteers are fully trained. Here is a screen cap of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington’s recent statement on this issue, which recognizes the surge in misconduct due to the pandemic:

Catholic Diocese Takes Abuse Seriously

I would add that the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia’s not funding efforts to prevent child abuse is a decision that is profoundly foolish over time. Not only does this send exactly the wrong message, but it leaves the diocese open to legal liability, including the possibility of devastating punitive damages. And no, the sleeping beauty defense is not going to work. We get that the Episcopal church is hierarchical when it comes to property, congregational in polity when in comes to accountability, but courts are not likely to agree.

It’s also interesting that some of the budget cuts are not sustainable. For example, there’s a six-figure drop in the cost of the bishops themselves, attributable no doubt to the lack of episcopal visitations during the pandemic. But when the pandemic lifts, those costs will resume, even as there is no sign that revenue will increase.

The unsustainable nature of the current budget underscores another point that is becoming increasingly clear: Susan Goff’s tenure is less and less about healing and reconciliation, and more about keeping the seat (barely) warm until the next bishop gets in.

And the shambolic nature of the last search for a bishop, the uproar with the Trustees of the Funds, the chaos over the 2021 budget, and the announcement that the diocese is trying to sell assets and unrestrict funds all point to the conclusion that the diocese is in dire trouble. (Let me reiterate that Truro, with its long history of oppression directed towards LGBTQ persons, is NOT an appropriate buyer of the property it now occupies.)

Returning for a moment to the ministries that have been zeroed out, we all recognize that there’s not a whole lot of cost involved in using the Church Pension Group videos. But there should be posters in each parish, a non-Title IV person who can help with complaints, and handouts and training. Indeed, even the diocesan Title IV intake officer and chancellor are woefully untrained, and the diocese knows it.

Clearly, this is a diocese that has utterly lost its way.

Diocesan Budget Details and Parish Pledges Reveal Dire State of Church Finances

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has released its budget for 2021, after a budget failed to pass at last year’s convention. Overall, the budget reflects a nearly 7 percent drop in pledges from the parishes, resulting in serious challenges for the fat cats at Mayo House.

Of note are the details of parish pledges. Once again, Grace has only committed to $30,000, which still leaves it running a deficit budget. This reflects the collapsing fortunes of the parish resulting from its wasteful past spending, including its extravagant compensation package for perjuring priest Bob Malm; the outrageous $100,000 bonus the church paid him in 2014; the shambolic nature of planning for capital expenditures in the parish; the lack of preventive maintenance; lack of financial literacy; the effects of Bob Malm’s perjury and other misconduct; ongoing conflict and misconduct in the parish; Bob Malm’s departure; and of course the pandemic.

To make matters worse, Grace Church has zero clue how to address these issues, and has made no meaningful effort to do so. As a result, the church is in free fall, and I see no sign that Anne Turner’s arrival is going to turn things around.

Clearly, Grace Church faces an increasingly dire future.

Outdoor Services Means In-Person Protests

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Over the past few months, most of my protesting has been at major intersections in Alexandria, particularly Dysfunction Junction, which perjuring priest Bob Malm named in honor of his 30 years as Grace Church’s rector. But now, with the really dumb decision to resume outdoor worship, there’s an added draw on Sundays for me, which is protest outside the church during services.

With that in mind, I was on the corner of Russell and South Glebe today, on public property. My plans are to show up for most, if not all, in-person services during Holy Week.

On a marginally related note, now that I am seeking an injunction against perjuring priest Bob Malm and his family for their illegal access to my website — a conversation I have had several times with Wayne Cyron, Bob’s attorney — I note that the visits from Jekyll Island have stopped. It’s a curious thing: Why do folks in perjuring priest Bob Malm’s family not feel the law applies to them? Is there anything about my website that is not clear about the fact they are not permitted to use it?

In the meantime, let me offer this prediction: If our dispute continues, which seems certain at this point due to the lack of truthtelling in Grace Church, within five years Grace Church will be in very sorry financial condition, if not closed altogether. And you know what? That’s okay. Any church where it’s okay for the rector to repeatedly commit perjury just needs to close its doors. Life is too short to put up with perjurers, narcissists, and the enablers who empower them.

P.S. Folks at Grace really deserve kudos. Not a single one flipped the One Gun Salute to Jesus today—so mature! It’s almost like there are adults in the place.

Online Petition Seen Almost Half Million Times

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Another milestone is coming up fast, and that is more than a half million views of my online petition on Found at, the petition will soon have been seen by more than a half million people.

It’s also telling that many are young, socially aware individuals, meaning that they are among the most likely to be interested in the Episcopal Church. Thus, the continued refusal of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Susan Goff, Grace Episcopal, and perjuring priest Bob Malm to accept responsibility for their actions is fast eroding any hope that future generations will be interested in the church.

And you know what? Given the hypocrisy I have seen, that’s not a bad thing.

Grace Resumes Outdoor Worship Even as Local Cases Surge

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, recently announced the return to outdoor worship. That spells bad news for the health and wellbeing of church members, their friends, and the community.

To begin with, the church has largely skated current COVID-19 restrictions. For example, diocesan requirements specify that streamed worship involved the least number of persons possible. Yet services at Grace routinely involve 14 or more people.

Now, the church takes a step closer to regathering with the announcement that it will hold outdoor worship. That is at best a foolhardy decision.

As we are seeing in Germany, France, and much of the developed world, new strains of COVID-19 are resulting in a renewed wave of infections and resulting lockdowns. Indeed, during the last lockdown, the UK saw cases surge despite increased isolation due to the increased virulence of the new strains. And there are ominous signs afoot in Alexandria, with last week seeing a 78 percent surge in cases.

So far, Grace has been relatively lucky during the pandemic, with few cases f COVID. But with transmissibility increasing and large swaths of the population still unvaccinated, now is not the time to open up. If anything, now is the time to double down, reduce the number of worship participants to the bare minimum, and ride out the storm. But folks at Grace are too self-indulgent and too clueless to realize that the country is fast tipping into a new wave of infections, and that the church is reopening based on data accrued from the previous surges.

To make matters worse, it is all but inevitable that the new strains will soon be circulating at Grace school, from where they will travel back into the community and infect others. And because children often are asymptomatic, it likely will be some time before parents and staff recognize that the school is becoming a vector of disease back into the community.

Of course, some will reply, “Well, we cannot eliminate all risk.” That is true, but the church can certainly further reduce risk. And acting in a way that will almost certainly result in sickness and death for others — others who were not part of the decision to reopen, including grandparents and extended family members — is not consistent with the message of the Gospels.

Bonetti v. Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Motion for Injunction Filed in Federal District Court

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier today, I filed a motion in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia seeking an injunction against perjuring priest Bob Malm. If granted, the injunction would prevent Bob and his family from engaging in further efforts at obstruction of justice, including witness tampering, threatening me, contacting me except through legal counsel, accessing this blog in violation of the Federal Stored Communications Act, or attempting to bypass security on the website. I hope to soon schedule a hearing on the matter.


BREAKING NEWS: Request for Injunction Filed Against Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Bob Malm engages in witness tampering

Moments ago, I filed a motion for injunction with the Alexandria Circuit Court against perjuring priest Bob Malm. The motion asks the court to enjoin Bob or others acting on his behalf from:

  • Engaging in further witness tampering. I further provide a copy of an email he sent to Dee Parsons, attempting to dissuade her from testifying, and copying Sugarland Chiow.
  • Contacting me, except through legal counsel.
  • Threatening me.
  • Attempting to access this website, or to bypass security features of the website. I further provide a copy of my firewall logs, in which Bob Malm or someone in his household attempted 137 times in one day to bypass security on this site.

I’ve requested that the matter be heard on the April 28, 2021 Motions Day.

Assets At Risk

Someone recently asked me if church assets are at risk, or if perjuring priest Bob Malm’s assets could be in jeopardy as a result of the current litigation. The answer is an unequivocal yes on both counts.

The church’s insurance, like most, covers only normal damages, as in reimbursing a successful plaintiff for her losses. It expressly does not cover punitive damages, which are being sought in every one of the lawsuits now under way.

To be sure, Virginia caps punitives at $350,000. But that is not the case in Pennsylvania, nor in Massachusetts. And with multiple claims pending, a successful outcome could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in punitives, either against perjuring priest Bob Malm, against Grace Church, or the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. And now, with St. Gabriel’s in Marion Mass. and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts added to the mix, they could lose assets as well. Additionally, because the church is not incorporated, individual member assets could be at risk as well.

Nor is the Grace trust exempt. With the assets titled in the name of the church, there is no firewall to prevent a successful plaintiff from seizing assets. Same for assets perjuring priest Bob Malm inherited from his mother.

Speaking of, I made sure years ago that I am judgment proof. All my assets are held either in an irrevocable trust or by other individuals — a deliberate move on my part.

Susan Goff

See for Yourself: Grace Church in a Nutshell

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

I’ve posted this before, but if you want to see what Grace Episcopal Alexandria is in a nutshell, this post is for you

The following comments are believed to have been posted by Lucy Medley, who at the time was a college-aged member of the parish. They are in response to a post in which I showed that someone, believed to be her mother, Lisa Medley, formerly a senior warden in the church, has posted details about confidential giving to the church on social messaging boards. 

True to form, Lisa has her details wrong. But more importantly, details of giving in the church are supposed to be confidential. The fact that Lisa thinks it’s okay to post these details on social media is a damning indictment of “leadership” and “ethics” at Grace Church.

And the fact that any human being can claim to be a Christian and urge others to commit suicide is a truly sorry testament to life at this toxic church. And for the record, what kind of sick &(%$ thinks this sort of thing is okay? Anyone who urges others to commit suicide is one sick, sorry individual, and you can quote me on that. There is something seriously lacking in any home where children grow up thinking this is okay. And there is something seriously sick about a church where this is okay.

For the record, I am glad to hear that “my name is mud in Alexandria.” If it’s people like this toxic, troubled individual or her family making these decisions, I certainly hope so. I have no desire to associate with someone so ethically troubled that they think this sort of thing is okay.

And I would be very careful about giving money to a church where Lisa Medley thinks it’s okay to publish details on social media. Feel free to quote me on that as well.

Pleadings Filed in US District Court

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier today, I filed several items with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Included in the documents are:

  1. A motion to amend my original complaint, to add St. Gabriel’s Massachusetts and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts to the lawsuit.
  2. To add two additional torts to the complaint based on Virginia state law: Common law conspiracy and statutory conspiracy.
  3. A memorandum of law in opposition to the defendants’ motion to dismiss. At issue is their claim that Section 1983 actions don’t reach private actors. However, it is well-established that when they act in conjunction with a state actor, like the City of Alexandria, they become liable under Section 1983.

Motions court is set for late May in the matter.

Meanwhile, I am in the process of filing a motion for an injunction against perjuring priest Bob Malm, given that he or someone else at his IP address continues their illegal efforts to access my website. More on that shortly.

Check it Out: Grace Episcopal and Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Deny Being Perjurers

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

In a series of pleadings filed in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia deny that Bob Malm is a perjurer, or that they acted under color of state law. That’s pretty rich, as it is both facially obvious that Bob Malm is a perjurer, and it is well-settled that private citizens may be liable under section 1983 of the federal civil rights statutes for deprivation of constitutional rights when acting in collusion with government officials. See, e.g.; United States v. Price, 383 U.S. 787 (1966).

Here are the salient pleadings from Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, and perjuring priest Bob Malm. They also cover Susan Goff and the fake Christians down at Mayo House.


Is Bob Malm a Sociopath?

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Someone recently asked me if perjuring priest Bob Malm is a sociopath. In this post, I’m going to try to parse that issue.

Before we go further, an important disclaimer: Knowing the answer to that question requires a diagnosis by a medical professional with expertise in mental health issues. I am not such a professional, so I cannot proffer anything beyond some observations.

It’s also important to note that professionals generally don’t use the terms “psychopath” and “sociopath.” Indeed, the two generally subsumed by the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder. To the extent the terms are used, however, a sociopath has some conscience; a psychopath has none. And while people like to think of psychopaths as killers straight out of the Bates Motel, the reality is that many aren’t.

So what traits does someone with anti-social personality disorder (APD) display? Some of the more common are listed below in this screen cap from WebMD, although someone can suffer from APD and still lack many of these qualities.

Is Bob Malm a Sociopath?

A number of these seem to apply in perjuring priest Bob Malm’s case, including:

  • Lack of empathy for others, as in Mike and Mom. Or the harm his conduct has caused to Grace Church,
  • Attempting to control others with threats or aggression, as in Bob’s multiple threats directed at me, and his screaming sessions at Lee Meeks, me, and others.
  • Trying to use intelligence, charm, or charisma to manipulate others, as in Bob’s smiles, hugs, and flattery, but with no substance behind them.
  • Not learning from mistakes, as in he still has learned nothing from his foolish forays into court.
  • Lying for personal gain, as in Bob Malm’s myriad lies to the courts, including his perjury.
  • Generally superficial relationships, as in many of the folks Bob calls friends are at best friendly acquaintances.
  • Trouble with responsibilities, as in Bob’s failure to meet even basic standards of his job, like supervising office staff and ensuring that church funds are handled appropriately.

Other signs suggest a potentially narcissistic personality, including Bob’s focus on his appearance, ranging from hair transplants, to the (bad) hair color, to the sweater or jacket with the zipper consistently opened halfway, to make Bob seem taller and less overweight.

In short, it’s not possible from where we sit to know for sure what is going on with perjuring priest Bob Malm. But his myriad instances of dishonesty and manipulative behavior suggest a very real possibility of major mental illness, which may well include antisocial personality disorder.

Petition Signatures Now Surpass ASA for DioVA

Even as the Episcopal Church continues its precipitous decline into oblivion, my petition continues to gain ground.

As a result, signatures on my petition now exceed average Sunday attendance (ASA) for the entire Episcopal Diocese of Virginia by more than 20 percent. And because neither perjuring priest Bob Malm, nor Grace Episcopal Alexandria, nor the diocese have the integrity to tell the truth, I am going to keep at it. As long as it takes — whether that one year, 10 years, or 30 years.

No one bullies Mike or Mom without my calling them out on it.

Bob Malm Petition Passes 25,000 Signatures

Petition Breaks 25,000 Signatures!

Bob Malm Petition Passes 25,000 Signatures

Moments ago, my petition on broke 25,000 signatures. That’s enough to fill a stadium!

My petition, which can be found at, asks Susan Goff and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to conduct an independent, full and fair investigation into perjuring priest Bob Malm’s conduct, then act on the results.

So far, the diocese continues its ludicrous assertion that Bob Malm’s perjury and other mendacious conduct is only actionable if he faces criminal charges. Not only is that a difficult standard to meet, as perjury is notoriously difficult to prosecute, but it violates the canons themselves, which expressly forbid deceit, dishonesty, and misrepresentation, as well as conduct unbecoming.

Of course, if Bob Malm’s perjury and other lies, his efforts to drag a dying woman into court in violation of the law, and more aren’t in fact conduct unbecoming, then we have all the information we need to take a pass on an ethically bankrupt church.

I’m going to keep at it, but it is up to Susan Goff and the rest of the hypocrites in Mayo House to decide if they are going to observe a real Lent this year, or continue to wallow in the filth of their own conduct.

By the way, here is what a crowd of 20,000 looks like:

Crowd of 20,000

Episcopal Church Invokes Language of Segregation in its Condemnation of Racism

The Episcopal Church is Clueless on Race

The Episcopal Church, which has said it is working to effect racial reconciliation, just provided a shocking and outrageous example of just how clueless it is.

Here is the link.

In a letter from the bishops of the Sewanee province condemning recurring incidents of racism at Sewanee, an Episcopal college in the south, the bishops stated emphatically that the oppose racism. So far, so good.

But the closing sentence is one that will make many African-Americans and others concerned about racism cringe:

We trust the Vice Chancellor and the University Regents will together address these hateful acts with all deliberate speed.

Why is that so offensive?

It’s because these are the weasel words from the Supreme Court’s 1955 decision in Brown v. Board of Education II, which followed a previous case that held separate but equal inherently unequal. Thus, it was this very language, calculatedly elusive, that led to the massive resistance campaigns in the south, Freedom Summer, the so-called “private schools” of the Deep South, and years of defiance, before the Court again waded in the mess in 1978. As one author put it, this language was “a palliative to those opposed to Brown’s directive.”

Was the slap at African-Americans intentional? I think not. But the fact that the church is so clueless as to invoke a dog whistle from the segregation years is shocking and appalling, and shows that the church doesn’t even know what questions to ask.

Moreover, most of these dioceses have chancellors, as well as lawyers who are members. The fact that no one appears to have waded in and said, “What the hell?,” is alarming and appalling. Could the Episcopal Church get any more clueless?

I think my head is about to explode.

Dr. Mary Thorpe, Canon to the Ordinary, Retires

The Rev. Dr. Mary Thorpe, canon to the ordinary for DioVA, recently retired. The news comes as staffing levels at Mayo House continue their decline, even as the diocese remains mired in conflict and dysfunction.

The news is sad for the diocese, in the sense that Thorpe was sometimes willing to communicate over issues. And while she was rather clueless, including her notion that somehow the diocese could direct me to remain silent about its abusive conduct, she was an improvement over most diocesan staff, including Susan Goff.

Meanwhile, the largest domestic diocese struggles along with a smattering of assisting bishops, visiting bishops, etc., even as it operates under a stop-gap budget and on the heels of the debacle of its efforts to call a new bishop following Shannon Johnston’s departure. That right there should tell folks something—the fact that the largest domestic diocese in TEC got no takers for the position of bishop, even as an interim, is profoundly damning. And while the standing committee attributed the issue to the fact that it was a three-year interim gig, there are plenty of bishops floating around loose in TEC. Let’s face it—the real issue is folks didn’t want to deal with the toxic mess Shannon Johnston has left behind, including accelerating declines in attendance, participation and budget.

Nor are we seeing progress under Susan Goff. While that may be in part due to the pandemic and Goff’s recent bout of cancer, even the 2015 Racial Reconciliation effort has gone nowhere. Yes, the diocese is recruiting folks for next steps, but at the current pace of decline, the diocese will be gone long before the effort gets off the ground.

And of course, we still have a diocese so utterly dysfunctional that it says in writing that clergy perjury is okay absent criminal charges. That bodes ill for the diocese, for that sort of antic may have worked in the 1950s, but it is profoundly offputting to young people who want authenticity. And the fact that Sven vanBaar, the ding-a-ling behind that decision, is both a delegate to general convention and in charge of efforts to stabilize diocesan revenue, suggests that things will get worse, not better.

I wish Mary well — fair winds and following seas — as she transitions to her next great adventure.

BREAKING NEWS: Additional Complaint Filed Against Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, in a last-ditch effort to allow DioMass to resolve issues with perjuring priest Bob Malm before I resort to litigation, I filed a disciplinary complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm with that diocese. A copy of the complain is above; attached to it were Malm’s three lies about my mother contacting him.

Am I sanguine that the diocese will take the matter seriously? Not at all.

Thus far, the Episcopal Church has shown that it has zero integrity and accountability. Indeed, the denomination is replete with dingbats like Sven vanBaar, with his whole notion that perjury doesn’t count if criminal charges aren’t filed. That said, a successful disciplinary complaint would save both sides another two or more years in court, as well as finally showing some glimmer of integrity for the denomination. On the other hand, the church’s clinging to perjuring priest Bob Malm and his lies, even as I press for criminal charges, can only cause the church further reputational damage. And it would prove my point thus far in the litigation, which is that the Episcopal Church actively collaborates with Bob Malm in his perjury.

We’ll see what happens.




Email to Standing Committee

Bob Malm perjuring priest

Yesterday, I forwarded my earlier email to the diocesan executive board to the standing committee. Of course, Anne Turner, Grace’s new rector, is part of the latter, so it may well be that folks there have already seen my earlier email. But as the various lawsuits against the diocese and perjuring priest Bob Malm play out, I want to make sure no one in a leadership role in the diocese can say that they weren’t aware of Malm’s behavior.

Lots of other stuff going on, so I’ll have more to post later this week!

News from Pennsylvania

Mom Dying

We had motions court in Venango County today. It will be several days before the court rules on the motions before it.

On the upside, the judge made short work of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s claim that any litigation has to be handled by Mom’s estate.

On the other hand, the judge clearly was unfamiliar with the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (UIDDA). That statute, which has been adopted in Pennsylvania, establishes a way for foreign attorneys to domesticate subpoenas in the state. But one of the key provisions is that Pennsylvania statutes and rules apply. Thus, section 1930.5 of the Pa Code, which prohibits discovery in protection from abuse and domestic relations cases absent prior leave of court unquestionably applies.

The judge did recognize this, so it’s possible he’ll rule against me. So, just in case, I’m drafting my appeal now.

Litigation Today

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish

Today’s another day of litigation, with motions court being held in Pennsylvania. In that lawsuit, perjuring priest Bob Malm is being sued to recover Mom’s legal fees after he lied and claimed that Mom contacted him repeatedly; Malm then tried to subpoena her in express violation of Pennsylvania law, which requires prior leave of court to engage in discovery in protection from abuse cases. Moreover, Malm and Sugarland knew Mom was dying, but after the subpoena was thrown out lied and told the court they weren’t aware that she was dying.

All of which just shows how Grace Episcopal Alexandria, Sugarland, and perjuring priest Bob Malm roll.

BREAKING NEWS: Petition Filed With Virginia Supreme Court

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier today, I filed a petition for appeal with the Virginia Supreme Court. If the court grants my petition, I will have the opportunity to appeal the dismissal of my defamation lawsuit against Grace Episcopal Church.

At issue is the statute of limitations. While the statute of limitations in Virginia is one year, it is my contention that the statute of limitations should be tolled when, as here, the church concealed the defamatory email during discovery, along with 15 other documents.

Between the church’s fraudulent concealment of evidence, its myriad fabrications during litigation, its efforts to subpoena a dying woman in violation of the law, its false statements of law and fact during litigation, and Bob Malm’s perjury, all I can say is Grace is perhaps the most toxic church you could ever encounter.

My advice: Run!


Petition For Appeal Goes to Virginia Supreme Court

Grace Episcopal Alexandria Virginia Supreme Court Appeal

Yesterday, I finished drafting my Petition for Appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court and will be filing it momentarily. The Petition asks the state Supreme Court to review the decision of the Alexandria Circuit Court to dismiss my lawsuit for defamation on the basis of the statute of limitations. My contention is that, having deliberately concealed multiple emails during discovery, including two that were copied to Sugarland Chiow, the church should not be permitted to benefit from its spoliation of evidence and other litigation-related misconduct.

The filing is voluminous, as it has to include all the documents from the trial court, but I will post that later today.

For now, here is a photo of the filing.


Settlement Offer

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Did you know that in 2016 I offered to settle my conflict with perjuring priest Bob Malm?

I did so in writing through attorney Matt Kaplan, who drafted the letter that follows. In it, we ask for three things from perjuring priest Bob Malm:

  1. Stop disparaging us.
  2. Stop interfering with the practice of our faith.
  3. Confidentiality.

Through Sugarland Chiow, perjuring priest Bob Malm refused all three requests, resulting in today’s state of affairs: An ongoing, public dispute, winding its way through the courts.

True to form, perjuring priest Bob Malm ultimately came to regret his decision, leading to his facially deceptive efforts to obtain a protective order by claiming he had been threatened. The end result, of course, was a profound escalation of the dispute that included lawsuits against Leslie Malm and Lindsey Malm Anders.

So, perjuring priest Bob Malm is not only a liar, but it was through his own mean-spirited stupidity that he got himself into the present situation. In other words, he got exactly what he asked for.

And here is Sugarland’s response:


Leslie Steffensen Models Toxic Behavior at Grace Church

Leslie Steffensen’s Lack of Integrity

Having served as junior warden in 2014, which covered the flood in the church undercroft, perjuring priest Bob Malm’s accident, and the failure of the HVAC system due to substandard work during the 1994 renovations, you’d think I’d get some degree of courtesy, wouldn’t you?

But as evinced by the attached statement Leslie Steffensen gave to a background investigator, that’s not the case. Far from it.

In her comment about “his contract done for the church,” Leslie appears to be referring to AES, the HVAC company I brought in to replace the incumbent, which not only didn’t do commercial systems, but had repeatedly screwed up Grace’s HVAC system due to its inability to manage the control system.

Several key points:

  1. I was completely transparent about the fact I am on friendly terms with AES, including sharing that fact upfront with perjuring priest Bob Malm.
  2. AES services the Mount Vernon estate, Fort Belvoir, numerous high-end government facilities, and more. They have a stellar reputation, and the co-owner used to head up the Fairfax County HVAC licensure program.
  3. AES is one of only a handful of vendors who do churches. Why? Because churches defer maintenance, want everything at a deep discount, want it done yesterday, and want to issue change orders repeatedly during projects, all at no cost.
  4. Leslie and perjuring priest Bob Malm have repeatedly shown they have absolutely no clue as to what is involved in HVAC work, including staffing requirements when working around live natural gas lines and electrical service entrances.
  5. Neither Leslie nor perjuring priest Bob Malm ever made any effort to assist with, for example, the failure of the outside HVAC line, which involved me taking a week off from work to assist the vendor. Given that perjuring priest Bob Malm was making almost $200K a year, a little engagement on his part would not have been inappropriate.
  6. I have never had an issue awarding contracts to other vendors went in the best interest of the organization and have placed contracts with other vendors repeatedly.
  7. AES provided a number of freebies to the church, including the advice NOT to run the HVAC system before flushing the lines following the rupture of the outdoor line in November 2014. This advice was ignored, resulting in early failure of several AHU’s (air handling units) in the complex. Fortunately, I was no longer responsible for the physical facility by that time.

Most importantly, any jack rabbit with even basic business experience knows that, both as a matter of good governance and as a matter of basic respect and courtesy, if you think you are being overcharged or there is a problem with the underlying bidding you address it then and there, face to face. You don’t address via a whisper campaign.

The fact that Leslie thinks it’s okay to run her mouth to third parties, when she doesn’t have the integrity to discuss the matter face to face, illustrates why third parties routinely refer to Grace Church as “loathsome,” “disgusting,” “appalling,” and “disgraceful.”

And while I might be inclined to cut the church some slack if this were the only time we’ve seen behavior like this from the church, the church’s decision to try to subpoena my mother, in violation of state law, even as she was dying; Bob Malm’s perjury; Sugarland Chiow’s fabrications; the behavior of Lisa Medley, Lucy Medley, Kelly Gable, and Alison Campbell; all show that this sort of behavior is woven into the very fabric of the church. Then, like any good narcissistic organization, Grace Church turns around and loudly announces itself welcoming and inclusive, even as it bloviates about the baptismal covenant.

Needless to say, with so little respect and personal integrity coming even from Grace’s clergy, my reaction is, “No thanks. You can keep it.”

GraceAlex Watch is Back!

Bob Malm perjuring priest

One of the irritiating business practices among web hosting companies is that of raising rates when a contract renews. That came into play recently, when my last web hosting contract expired. As part of that, I made several transitions, including some infrastructure upgrades.

All of that implicates DNS servers, the one slow part of the Internet. Relying on 80’s technology, DNS servers can be painfully slow to propagate, especially when changing hosting companies or content delivery networks (CDN’s). As a result, the blog was down for about 18 hours.

But have no fear. I am in this for the long haul—meaning that as long as Grace Episcopal Alexandria and perjuring priest Bob Malm refuse to tell the truth, I am going to call them on it.

If nothing else, people have the right to know that BS that goes on right behind the smells and bells of Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish.

More Protests Today

Today featured temperatures in the 1970’s, so I was out protesting at “Dysfunction Junction,” named in honor of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s 30 years at Grace Church.

Meanwhile, gearing up for court later this month on one of the lawsuits against perjuring priest Bob Malm.

Fun times!

What Others Say About Grace Episcopal

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Yup, brutality is exactly the right word to describe Grace Church’s conduct. Even worse, the organization is sufficiently narcissistic that it doesn’t see anything wrong with its conduct. People like Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow and perjuring priest Bob Malm just think it’s wrong to tell others about Grace church’s conduct. That’s why they lie and claim they were threatened. And that’s why they and Grace Church commit perjury.

NEW: Email to Executive Board

Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Even as the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, ethically bankrupt Susan Goff, and folks at Grace Episcopal do their best to ignore me and pretend that somehow I’m doing something wrong by objecting to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s mendacious conduct, I continue to hammer away on folks. Attached is a screen cap of the email.

Needless to say, if clergy perjury, lies about others, spoliation of evidence, and trying to drag a dying woman into court are your idea of Christianity, then Grace Episcopal Church is the perfect church for you!