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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Ignores Diocesan Policies as COVID Surges

Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, continues to ignore diocesan policies on preventing COVID, even as the latest surge approaches twice the level for Alexandria to classify as a high-transmission community. Per the Centers for Disease Control, when new cases reach 100 per 100,000 residents, counted on a rolling seven-day basis, a region is considered high transmission. According to the… Read More »

Reflections on the Search for a Bishop Diocesan

The search for a bishop diocesan is under way, and the diocese has released its online profile, located here. The effort, though well-intentioned, is headed in a bad direction, and you may quote me on that. Leaving aside several typos in the online profile, there is a cornucopia of the usual themes: Old hymns (in this case, Amazing Grace),… Read More »

Protests Coming to Grace Episcopal Alexandria This Christmas

Following the recent decision by Grace Episcopal to reject my offer of mediation, there’s a special present coming to the parish this Christmas. No, it’s not a lump of coal—it’s protests outside the various Christmas services. Plans are also gearing up for protests outside perjuring priest Bob Malm’s current parish in Massachusetts some time in January. There’s no… Read More »