Leslie Malm continues to harass me
Grace Episcopal Alexandria Perjuring priest Bob Malm

More harassment from Leslie Malm

So how many requests does it take to get Leslie Malm to quit friggin’ contacting me? Given that is not the first time, the second, or even third such request, her communications are, by definition, threatening and harassing. Leslie also has some integrity issues, including telling people she has not been in contact. Or maybe […]

Grace Episcopal Alexandria
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Check It Out: Legal Pleadings Grace Episcopal Alexandria

As many are aware, Anglican Watch had its genesis in misconduct by the Rev. Bob Malm, currently serving as interim of St. Peters-on-the-Canal in Bourne, Ma., and his efforts to engage in spiritual abuse by bullying and oppressing Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti, his husband, and his mother, Sigrid Yahner, who was then in the final stages […]

Bob Malm, perjuring priest
Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Breaking News: Another Title IV Complaint Filed Involving Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Another Title IV clergy disciplinary complaint has been filed involving perjuring priest Bob Malm. It appears this one may actually receive an investigation, versus the usual big brush-off. Of course, this is the Episcopal Church, where clergy misconduct is a joke. So what happens in the end is anyone’s guess. More to come.

Anne Turner, hypocrite
Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Anne Turner Ignores Request to Attend Funeral

Recently, Mike, my husband, asked Anne Turner if he could attend the funeral of an elderly parishioner. The result? Deafening silence. What kind of church or priest ignores a request to attend a funeral? The words “hypocritical jackass” come to mind.