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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Shout-Out to Jason Roberson

I suppose this is the point where I’m supposed to welcome you to Grace Church. But, having been declared persona non grata by Dysfunctional Bob, that doesn’t seem appropriate. And besides, after my experiences with Grace Episcopal, Bob Malm, and DioVA, I’m done. Done with The Episcopal Church, and done with organized religion.

That said, I wanted to comment on your arrival. Specifically, you talk on your Facebook page about standing with the marginalized, and transforming unjust systems. Believe it or not, I like that. But I don’t understand how you can reconcile that with the fact that Bob Malm commits perjury, bears false witness, and subpoenas the dying.

Of course, Bob’s worked hard on his smear campaign, so you’ll hear lots of ugly comments about me at Grace. That’s par for the course, given parishioners gossiping about everything from the recently married guy in the church (supposedly gay), to someone with a penile implant. Seriously.

But if you are serious about social justice, I challenge you to ask Bob for his proof that my mother, or someone claiming to be her, repeatedly set up appointments with him and canceled. Bob said that, in writing, under oath, citing it as part of his claim that he’d been threatened.

So, I doubt you’re serious about these things. But if you are, show me. Like Doubting Thomas, I’ll believe it when I see it.

In the meantime, I’ll probably see you while I’m out protesting. Feel free to “stand with me” any time. Or if you really want to surprise me, call me or email me. You’d be only the second person in the parish to actually talk with me about things.

So, let’s see how sincere you really are.

Game on.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Check it Out: Questions for Assistant Rector Candidates

With the parish’s annual meeting now only a few days away, Grace church has said it hopes to begin the search for a full-time assistant rector shortly afterwards. With that in mind, and recognizing that this controversy likely will come up during the interview process (and should!), here are some insider’s questions that candidates can use when they meet with Bob Malm.

  • Have you personally reached out to Mr. Bonetti and his family to resolve this conflict? Have you spoken directly with his mother about these issues? His spouse? How did that go? 
  • It looks like you made a settlement offer to Mr. Bonetti. If accepted, how would a settlement ensure your safety and that of the parish?
  • I see that you refer to Eric as “dysfunctional,” “sick,” and “twisted” in your emails to the diocese. How does that comport with your vows as a priest and the baptismal covenant?
  • You claim that random words, like “psychological torture,” taken out of context are a threat. Can you help me understand how these are threats?
  • You included Eric’s spouse in your email instructing them to find a new church. Why was that necessary?
  • It looks like Mr. Bonetti attempted to resolve this matter with you in January 2016. Why did you say no?
  • I understand the church attempted to subpoena Eric’s mother, who is dying of COPD. Can you explain to me why that was necessary?
  • You have stated on multiple occasions that you believe that Mr. Bonetti is mentally ill. If that’s the case, what steps did you take to get him help? Have you ever discussed your concerns directly with him?
  • Do you think Grace Church’s internal dynamics are healthy? If so, why?
  • Why did Fanny Belanger abruptly leave with two years left on her letter of agreement?
  • How do your actions as rector reflect the baptismal covenant to members of the church?
  • What effect has this conflict had on the church and its finances, and what is your plan for resolving these issues?
  • The church has lost more than a 100 pledging units since this conflict arose. Why do you think that is and how do you plan to address those issues?
  • How do you feel about the fact that Eric and his entire family have left the Christian faith over this conflict?
  • What do you see as the ultimate outcome of this conflict?
Of course, some of these are tough questions to ask during an interview. But candidates who don’t ask these questions run the risk of being dragged into a situation that damages their careers and diminishes their own faith. 

One further caution: If you interview for this position and choose to explore issues related to this conflict, make sure you get actual answers to your questions, then “trust but verify.” Don’t be taken in by Bob’s usual routines of denial, evasion and charm bombing.

My advice to candidates: Learn as much as you can,  make your own decision, proceed at your own peril. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

See for Yourself: Profane Suggestion from Parishioner That I Kill Myself

During the baptismal liturgy, Episcopalians recite the baptismal covenant, which includes the vow to, “Respect the dignity of every human being.”

Check out this great example of the baptismal covenant from a college-aged member of the parish.