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Friday, June 21, 2019

Bob Malm: Wartburg Watch Tweet Covering His Claim that I am a “Domestic Terrorist” Seen More than 200,000 Times

There’s an old adage in PR: Sometimes, the best way to argue against someone is to use his own words against him.

That’s true, and I am circulating widely Bob Malm’s false and ludicrous courtroom claims that I am a “domestic terrorist.”

As of yesterday, my tweet announcing the Wartburg Watch article on this topic has been seen more than 200,000 times, with a focus on audiences in the 20-30 age group. 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Breaking News: My Buddy Dee Parsons is Covered by the Washington Post

Check it out!

My buddy, Dee Parsons, who has written two blistering pieces covering Bob Malm’s misconduct and the resulting coverup by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, is garnering front-page coverage on The Washington Post. The preliminary piece appears here.

As the story mentions, Dee got her start when an alleged pedophile was discovered at her former SBC church. Since then, she has covered numerous cases, including the Jules Woodson case.

I’d add that Dee also has a niche market; she is one of the few bloggers to give equal air time to spiritual abuse. That’s huge, because in a day and age when the church is consumed by sex, my belief is that the majority of abuse is spiritual, not sexual. Indeed, while hard statistics are not available, an article I published anonymously on shunning in The Episcopal Church, published in Episcopal Cafe, garnered dozens and dozens of comments, all sharing experiences of being shunned by clergy.

Congrats, Dee! Keep up the good work.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Tweet About Wartburg Watch Article Seen More than 100,000 Times

Check it out: My tweet about the Wartburg Watch article covering my situation has now been seen more than 100,000 times, with placement both in Northern Virginia and nationwide.

The bad news of Bob Malm just keeps on spreading, especially among the 20-somethings that make up the bulk of Twitizens, and the future of the church.

My reminder to young people: Perjury is acceptable behavior for Episcopal clergy. Bullying the dying is acceptable for Episcopal clergy. Going after innocent family members is acceptable for Episcopal clergy.

In short, if you’re looking for a faith community, think twice before joining The Episcopal Church. It is morally bankrupt.

Bob Malm: The Wartburg Watch

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Grace Episcopal: Lack of Accountabilty

One of the recurring themes in my experiences with Grace Episcopal, aka St. Dysfunction, is lack of accountability. Lack of accountability by Bob Malm, by the vestry, by parish “leaders,” by Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow, and more. As I’ve said many times, where but church can a key employee, Bob Malm:

  • Lie to vestry members about important HR issues (“don’t worry about it, they’ll be retiring this year,”)
  • Lie in court
  • Fail to  adhere to basic organizational policies (like the canonical requirement that the vestry elect its officers)
  • Lose track of thousands of dollars in funds (like those found in the parish administrator’s office)
  • Generate facially inaccurate financial reports
  • Deliberately misuse funds (like our memorial donations)
And still keep their job? And get a $100k bonus on top of that?

I was happy to see that my sentiments about churches generally were recently echoed by my friend Dee Parsons, who tweeted this:

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Letter from Dee Parsons, Editor of the Wartburg Watch

My friend Dee Parsons, editor of The Wartburg Watch, recently sent this letter for possible use in upcoming litigation involving Bob Malm.

Check it out.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

See for Yourself: Email From Bob Malm to Dee Parsons

In this email, Bob contacts my friend Dee Parsons, publisher of The Wartburg Watch, in an apparent effort to get her to change her testimony.

It’s interesting. Bob trots out the Jesus-babble, conveniently ignoring the numerous incidents of questionable veracity on his part. These range from telling parishioners that no one takes me seriously, to telling other audiences that his wife Leslie is “terrified” (despite the fact she didn’t even know of Mom’s blog until Bob told her. Hmmm.), to his oft-repeated, “Don’t worry about it. They’ll be retiring this year,” claim regarding church office staff, a line that he allegedly was using was using as early as Phil Smith’s tenure a junior warden.

Then you get the fictitious “Commonwealth Court,” with its equally fictitious “magistrate.” And Bob’s logical fallacy about filing a false police report, in which he asserts that his report is true. Why? Because he says it’s true. Topping it all off is his logical fallacy that you have to have met someone to have mistreated them—a curious concept in this era of social media.

Folks, don’t send your kids to Tabor, UNC, or Yale Divinity School. If this is the result, you’re better off keeping the money.

And, as always, it’s all about Bob Malm trying to be right and trying to assert power and control. Nothing at all Christlike here. And, as always, Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow is in smack dab in the middle.


Friday, August 24, 2018

Upcoming Wartburg Watch Article

Lots of back and forth today, with an emphasis on a renewed social media push to coincide with the start of the program year. With that in mind, The Wartburg Watch will be running an update this fall on my experiences at St. Dysfunction aka Grace Church, with the tentative release date for mid-October.

Many thanks to Dee Parsons for being a loyal friend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Updated: Protests and Visits from Dee Parsons

The weather’s been a little tricky this week, but I plan to be out in my usual spots Friday and Sunday.

In addition, my buddy Dee Parsons and I are making plans to get together, both this fall and sometime sooner. I think she also will visit Grace Church and check things out in person.

Stay tuned!